Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Pattern

Since I focused on my oldest's daughter's crib blanket yesterday, I thought I'd give equal time to my youngest's crib blanket today.  I've never felt the constraints of only using traditional colors and fabrics for my children.  I love bold colors!  Sometimes I love bold colors too much and it bites me in the end, but in the case of this crib blanket, I think they work perfectly.

I love the orange too!  I have little redheads and so deep inside I love to emphasize their beautiful hair...and nothing does it like orange.  Their hair looks even redder next to something orange. 

The random pattern on this one makes me happy!  Seemingly random, that is.  Until I made this pattern, I couldn't figure out how people attached so many different sized pieces together.  Here's the trick, you just make several  panels with random pieces that all meet up at the edges and then sew the panels together.  Voila!  Random.

My one regret is not using more of the cute polka dot print throughout.  I had consulted my loving husband, who is usually pretty spot on in his assessments of color arrangement and if I have too much dark or light or color in a particular area.  He felt the white would be too distracting and take the eye away from the rest of the quilt.  Then after it was made, he loved the look of it.  Sad!

I quilted hearts inside the individual blocks and stiched in the ditch around the perimeter of each block.  In the smaller blocks I did a single heart.

In the larger blocks I did it Grinch-style.  You know, his heart grew 3X that day.

Here's the back with racing stripes!

So that is it for baby blankets for now.  As I only have to babies, I only have two crib blankets to show.  I could steal my sister's crib blankets for a day and take pictures of them.

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  1. You should come steal ours..they are so cute and everyone would love them.

  2. Love this quilt :) Super cute and bright colors

  3. Thanks! I had a lot of fun picking the fabrics for this one. I'm not one who normally just uses one fabric line. I like to pick and choose from all of them.


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