Thursday, April 7, 2011

The original Hexi

Do you ever feel like you were so there first before a trend really hit?  I got braces way before anybody else in my 7th grade did...I had a sweet poof in my hair before Snooki...uhhh... anyway, that's how I feel about Grandmother's Garden...aka hexies.  Can I just say this was maybe the 3rd quilt I'd ever made...and it only took me 10 years.  Hexagons are one of those quilting techniques that you can just bring a few things with you wherever you go so that when you have a little bit of time to spare you can quilt.  You can pack just a few essentials: enough of your fabric of choice, hexagon patterns, thread and scissors.  So consequently as it was my "work on it every once in a while" quilt, it took a while to complete.

I had always planned on this being a queen, but then I got preggers and realized too late that I had not made my future child a baby blanket.  As a quilter I could not let that be and realized that I had just enough done on my hexi quilt for it to be a crib blanket...if I turned it sideways.  So what was meant to be the horizontal sides became the vertical sides and vice versa and a crib blanket was born!
I bound it with red...because I figured a mostly green quilt needed a little punch.

And instead of a coordinating fabric on the back of the hexi quilt, I ofcourse chose purple...logical.  This really began my love affair of putting a completely unrelated fabric on the back of my quilts.  I think it's kind of a fun surprise for people...Oh what lovely green hexagons...turn over quilt...BAM it's purple.

So...I guess what I'm trying to say is...these hexies were brought to you by the letter H...for Heather....and hexagon.

One more tip, don't be afraid of the ugly fabrics.  Once they're all mixed in, you don't even know they're ugly they just add some extra oomf.

See ya!

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