Monday, April 11, 2011

Gardening Staff

I have two of the best gardeners anyone could ever hope for!  One look at the state of our vegetable patch left them in a fuss and something had to be done.  ASAP!

The Head Gardner went right to work industriously digging a giant hole.  Clearly just what was needed to combat those pesky weeds. 

For every worm she came across, she first showed it to the Under Gardner who proceded to be very unhappy when said worm was thrust into her face, and then the Head Gardner would run to the house so I could examine it.  Whether a baby, or the fattest worm ever or the wiggliest worm ever or whatever, she was excited every time she came across one.  I have seen many worms today.

The Under Gardner decided that piling up the dirt into castles was the best way to combat the scourge of the garden...but then quickly abandoned that method to make mud balls...

And bring each new one she made into the house.  Just like the Head Gardner and her worms, the Under Gardner was equally excited about each and every mud ball she made and yet thoroughly distressed at having mud on her hands.  Go figure.

Though the work they are doing is really really good....something tells me I will be out in the garden filling in a giant hole, smushing mud balls and soothing the nerves of several dozen worms tonight while I....weed.


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