Thursday, April 9, 2015

De-Mystifying the Rachael/Reuben Pannini Family Supper

You can make a reuben using this technique; if you enjoy corned beef, that is.  I personally prefer the rachael which is made using roast turkey.  A more satisfying and delicious sandwich, you won't find.   This isn't so much a recipe post as it's a how-to post.
step by step rachael sandwich
Here's the problem with making your family a batch of rachaels for supper, you've got to be really ready to move.  There's no time for day-dreaming here.  Remember your 7 P's and you will be fine.

Before you do anything, get your ingredients out and do any prep work you can before you need it.  Drain your kraut, butter one side of all the rye bread you will be using (I like Russian rye), two slices per sandwich (that may be obvious), lay out your turkey in neat piles on a plate, however many slices you want per sandwich, I find that 3/4 pound of turkey makes four nice sandwiches for two parents and two littles.   Have your Swiss cheese sliced and ready.  Open up your Thousand Island dressing, have a knife handy for slathering your sandwiches.

Okay, prep work complete, let's get to it.  While you are cooking, make sure you have any side dishes ready to go and that your kids are setting the table and have your plates out so you can toss a toasty, warm panini down for immediately consumption.

Preheat a frying pan over medium, medium-low until nice and warm.  Have a smaller, heavy frying pan ready to do some sandwich smashing.

Now, go!

Place one slice of buttered bread in hot pan, buttered-side down.  Quickly smear Thousand Island dressing on.

Place on your neatly portioned turkey.

Smother or lightly top the turkey with kraut.  I prefer to smother, my kids prefer not to know kraut is on their sandwiches, but I still put on a light smattering of the pungent stuff for them.

Next comes a slice of Swiss cheese.  Which you will then top with another slice of bread, buttered side up.

Smash the heck out of the sandwich with a heavy frying pan.  You want to toast the sandwich and melt the cheese and make everything warm and gooey. 

Don't burn your sandwiches!!!  You will probably need to turn your burner down the more sandwiches you make.  As soon as one sandwich is toasted on both sides and lovely and golden and melty, don't just stuff your face, give it to a family member and quickly repeat the process until everyone in your family is noshing gleefully.  These cook up so quickly you won't need to wait too long before enjoying one yourself.

Rachael Sandwich how-to
Yum, yum, yum!!!  You might wonder if I want some sandwich with my kraut.  Maybe.

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  1. I have MISSED you!!! I knew you wouldn't stay away for too long though as someone has to feed me. I think I could even make this. My sister loves a lot of sauerkraut so maybe on her next visit, she will get one of these. I love corned beef and a little bit of sauerkraut but I might try the turkey version too. I am putting Thousand Islands on my grocery list right now and will be looking forward to stuffing my face! Happy weekend to all of you Heather!

  2. I am not a fan of a reuben...I have never heard of nor tried a Rachel. But for you...I'll try anything. The beets didn't work out, but perhaps I'll have better luck with this one.... :P

    Any Texas news?


  3. Gosh! I'm starving and I was too lazy to go shopping today... I should never have read that post: my mouth is watering!


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