Monday, November 10, 2014

Awwoooo, werewolves of...Salt Lake?

I think I officially have a tween now.  Oh, heaven help me.  My Oldest is turning nine which is a hop skip and a jump away from the days when I am despised and scorned by my own flesh and blood.  Luckily we're still in the days where I am loved and for the most part listened to.  If I think back to when I was a teenager....nope, don't even want to fathom it.  My girls are going to be soooo much better than I was....echo....echo....echo....

I am also still in the days when my children ask me to make them things for their birthdays.  Love it.  Can I always make my babies crocheted dollies and have them like them?  I suppose this day may come to an end and I will have to make amigurumies for complete strangers and hand them out on the street, and like it.

My Oldest asked me for a wolf, this year.  A wolf, right, I can totally come up with a great wolf pattern all on my own.  I mean, I did whip up a African Guinea Fowl for her presentation on animals who live camouflaged. But, turns out, nope.  I couldn't.  Luckily I found The Craftery Cattery, and she has a free wolf pattern that is righteous!  When was the last time you used the word righteous in this context?  I'm bringing it back.

Her pattern is well written, easy to read and results in the cutest little ankle biter.

Maybe my favorite part of this ami, is his tail.  Do you see how it curves!  Cleverness.

And its adorably long snout.  My, Grandmother, what a big nose you have.

A couple, in progress shots.

This was a very quick to make and I know my daughter will love it.  If you have any experience with crochet, making amis is fun and easy, all you need is some yarn, fluff and eyeballs and you are on your way. 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love your little werewolf! It's so dunderchee! :P I love to crochet, but I've never made anything other than something that lies flat. (I guess that would be called an afghan.) I seem to have confidence issues with anything 3D. And never daughter is creeping up on 23 and she loves it when I make stuff for her. =D


  2. Adorable wolf! Does it turn into Prince Charming once the full moon is over?

  3. So cute! I wish I could crochet. Sams mom tried to teach me so many times and said I was incapable! Yikes!

  4. I can't believe you can just whip that kinda stuff up! Yarn is my enemy and must be treated as such! :( Time seems to fly when your kids are growing up....sigh

  5. You've got talent! :) I have a teen, she still likes when I make her things, still listens to me (sometimes :) ) and she doesn't hate me (always). hehehe

  6. Somehow I have a feeling your girls will never stop loving the crocheted dollies you make, no matter their age, nor attitude.

  7. Your girls will adores your dolls forever because their mama made them.


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