Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Equinox means eggs!

Remember these pretty ladies from about a year ago?

Well, now they look like this...

And do this to me EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Like, four to five a day.  My kids thought they could complain about the number of egg suppers we have in a week.  I reminded them,

We have chickens!  It means we're going to eat eggs...A LOT!

They got over it pretty darn quick and I haven't heard a complaint since.

So, in honor of the Spring Equinox, I'm going to devote my  next several posts to eggs.  Oh, and since today actually is the Spring Equinox, I'm going to blow your mind with some interesting facts.  Who doesn't love a good fact?

~The word equinox is Latin and means equal night.  So, twice a year the sun crosses directly over the equator and we have the same amount of day as night.  That's today.

~Spring equinox is all about fertility.  Makes sense right, what with everything starting to grow and make babies?  Well in Germany they celebrate a spring holiday all about fertility and the Saxon fertility Goddess Eostre, who has a couple things named after her: estrogen and Easter.

~And finally, there are a couple of almost universal symbols of spring and fertility, the rabbit and the egg.  They are both used to symbolize the season in many cultures. 

So, yay spring.



  1. A nice post that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. Cute we don't use the equinox to determine the seasons, we just start at the beginning of the month March first was Autumn. I always wondered why you started on the days you did thanks for that. Tell the girls how lucky the are free eggs. Maybe ou need to make some egg custard and sponge cakes they'll love having lots of eggs for those.

  3. Ohhhh......eggs. Will you send me some please? I'm sure they'll survive the trip. I'd eat fresh eggs every single day.


  4. I will have to tell my friends to head out on another trip cuz I need to babysit chickens again. It's like free eggs without the commitment! Great post Heather. We just got another dump of snow here so it is nice to remember that spring has sprung somewhere out there in the world!

  5. Spring of all seasons is my favorite! I think it's because of all the promises it holds. When I can finally open up the doors and windows and breath in all the fresh air... pure bliss. What a cute before and after of your chickens and what a miracle that they go from those little fuzzy beings to big beautiful birds. Do you get eggs all year round or are there certain seasons where you do not get them?

  6. Hurray for spring! And for eggs and egg recipes! Hard to believe it's been a year since those darlings were so little!

  7. I love that your chickens are happy and thriving. Wish I lived closer I'd send Grace over to get an egg :)


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