Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fish Tacos. Just try it, you'll like it!

You either like fish tacos, or you don't.  Or so they say.  I have a theory that many people have just never tried a fish taco.  Like The Mister, for example.  I think he tried one for the first time last year and it pretty much blew his mind.  So when I mentioned that was what I was thinking about cooking this weekend, he was very excited.  I was nervous, because I'd never made them before.  They're easy.

And so tasty!  Seriously, make these

Fish Tacos
servings: approximately 8 smallish tacos
1.5 lb white fish, use what's fresh.  You could also use salmon and it would be amazing.
Taco Seasoning
Vegetable Oil
Corn Tortillas

Granishes (which make the taco)
Sour Cream
Pickled Red Onions (just thinly slice a red onion, cover with red wine vinegar and let sit at least 30 minutes)
Salsa, if you like.  I didn't use it, but I did garnish with copious amounts of everything else.
Shredded cabbage (I used a bag of coleslaw)

First thing, while your skillet is heating up make your pickled red onions.  Just slice your onion thinly, cover with red wine vinegar and set aside until ready to eat.  These pickled onions were amazing.

Preheat skillet over medium heat with a couple Tbl of oil.  Lightly salt your fish and dust them with Taco Seasoning...the cheater's way to season.  Cook your fish on both sides until done.  Mine stuck horribly to the pan so try to not have yours stick and make a mess of your fish.  You could bake or grill your fish as well. Crumble into large pieces.

Make guacamole.  I make cheater guacamole.  Dice up a couple of avocados, toss in a couple spoonfuls of store-bought pico de gallo, squeeze in the juice of a lime and add a sprinkle of salt to taste.

Warm up your corn tortillas.  You can lightly fry them or microwave them, whatever works for you.

Place the fish in tortilla.  Add a dollop of sour cream, a nice amount of guac, a couple cilantro leaves, several pickled onion slices, a smattering of cabbage for crunch and over all this, squeeze a touch more lime.

Yum!  Yum!  Yum!

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  1. I've never had them before but I had heard of them, honestly the name doesn't sound appealing but since you've never sterred me wrong I would give them a try xo

  2. My son loves them, but he lived in CA for a while (I don't think he had choice of much else, lol) I LOVE fish (not seafood) and now that I'm reading how you suggest using taco seasoning... I think I could try this. No, I will try this!! Like Mel says, you've never steered us wrong in the past =D

  3. I did not love fish tacos when I tried them, but I would try yours!

  4. I love fish so I showed hubby your recipe. He is definitely going to make these. He called you a foodie! I think that's a good thing :) He calls me for supper and that's definitely a good thing!

  5. My DIL only eats fish and chicken. I've never heard her mention fish tacos, so I'm going to send her your link. :)

  6. Those look incredibly yummy. I have never made a fish taco. I have never eaten a fish taco. I like fish. I like tacos.

    Therefore, I don't understand why I've never consumed this before. :/


  7. Wow. That looks both delicious and beautiful. I've never had fish tacos but I really think I would like them. This really does look amazing.


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