Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Adventuring

The Great Salt Lake, which is often derided as being a nasty, smelly, inhospitable piece of work can also have snippets of beauty, if you look closely and go on a winter adventure with the family.

In late January/Early February the wetlands become a sanctuary for Bald Eagles.  So, gather up the crew, put on some warm clothes and boots and don't forget your binoculars. Winter adventuring can be lots of fun.  We saw several eagles in the distance and only one close up, it flew straight over us and it's wing span was HUGE! 

Tucked in, nice and cozy.

 We see you!!

Oh, hello there.  If you look closely, I know, my camera skills leave much to be desired, you can see this little fella's bright feathers.

Nice, drab feathers to keep the predators away.

Binoculars up!

Or...periscopes.  Whatever.

Happy wintering.



  1. Oh how sweet. What a fun adventure. I'm not sure I've ever seen (or maybe noticed) any pheasants before.

  2. Oh that's fun up periscope LOL that's really cute.. I like hearing about your home.

  3. these pictures make me cold :) fun times for sure

  4. Looks like a fun adventure! I have never seen the great Salt Lake except from the air, but you make me want to see it from the ground...with a periscope! LOL!

  5. I love pheasants. The males are so beautiful but they can sure make a loud awful scream. The first time I heard it I thought something was dying in our woods...lol. Don't you love winter walks? I kinda wish I would have bought snowshoes this year. Your girls are truly adorable!!

  6. I have never seen such snow. So first I marvel that:).

  7. Buwahahahahaa on the periscope!!! Fun post, and it does look like fun day out.

  8. I've not known the Great Salt Lake to have that kind of bad publicity?? Many Chicagoans long to visit your state and the salted lake!!!! Anywho.. I love winter walks, too and what truly is facinating is to see wildlife in action like those pheasants, surviving out in the more severe weather, now that is something! It does make going home to a cup of cocoa, or chai that much better. The girls lokk like they really enjoyed the adventure, thanks for sharing with us - Amy

  9. Hehehehe....binoculars...or periscopes. :) Will winter never end? I don't think it will.



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