Monday, February 10, 2014

I could only be just a SMIDGE more last minute...Valentines Pillows

If you are a giant fail at Valentine's decorating (like me), then join in for one tiny attempt at showing the love.

Fun and easy conversation heart pillows.

Raw edges.

Simple embroidery.

Quick, easy and fun!

1. Make a heart template out of paper

2.  Trace heart shape on fabric and cut out two hearts. 

3.  Mark lines so you can write your message straight and even.  Use an erasable pen.  I went straight down the middle and across where I wanted the words to be.

4.  Write your words

5.  Embroider words.  I used a back stitch and, wait for it...yarn!!!  I wanted my words to really stand out.  Had to use a giant needle.

6.  Pin both pieces of fabric together.  You'll rarely see these words on this blog, but Wrong Sides Together!   Raw edges, baby!

7.  Using a walking foot, stitch the two hearts together using a 1/2" seam allowance.

8.  Make sure to leave a space, about 2 inches wide for the fluff

9.  Pink the edges.

10.  sorry, no pic.  Stuff with fluff until you feel it is fluffy enough.

11.  Sew the gap so the fluff cannot escape.

Make a bunch because they're so cute and easy!  And fast!!  And easy.  Best kind of last minute craft.

My kids have been sleeping with them, so I haven't even been able to use them in my non-existent Valentine's decor.

Tell your kid to lay on the pillows like she does at night and this is what you'll get.

No, with your head, like you do at night...

Close enough.

Happy Valentine's.



  1. Such cute pillows for such a cutie pattuttie!! I like you, have non existent V-Day decor, but it's always fun to see a heart or two sprinkled here and there :)

  2. I love these. So sweet, so perfect. I'm a huge fan of hearts and of embroidery. LOVE.

  3. oh so cute, I love the hot pink embroidery :)

  4. These are so cute and it doesn't hurt to have such an adorable model!!

  5. Oh Heather, I saw these on facebook and I love them! So cute and so is your little model!

  6. Oh Heather! I saw these on facebook and loved them! So cute and so is your little model!

    1. Is there a D'echo...D'echo...D'echo... =D

      Love your pillows!


  7. Oh Heather, these are just adorable... the best thing, they look so old fashioned:) They remind me of embroidering hankies for my grandma when I was a kid:) Thanks for that, my dear:)


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