Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oven Roasted Bacon

Bacon, there's nothing quite like it.  Salty, crisp, a touch...make that a lot, greasy, so, so, so good and everything instantly becomes better when it's included in the recipe.

I love roasting my bacon in the oven, for a couple of reasons.  First: I don't get splattered with bacon grease.  One day I was making bacon and a splatter just missed my eye...by an eyelash.  Talk about scary.  Look, I don't mean to complain, but I'd hate to be that person who had to say she went blind in one eye from bacon grease.  Second: The bacon cooks up nice and flat.  This makes it so nice for a BLT.  Third: You don't have to stand by the frying pan and fuss with it.  You simply toss it in the oven and 20 or so minutes later out comes the good stuff.

Oven Roasted Bacon
Bacon...yup.  That's it.  This is the best recipe evah!!!!  One ingredient.  Make extra, always make extra because sneaky fingers might try and snag a piece or two.

Preheat oven to 400 F.  Place a cooling rack inside your sheet pan.  Lay the bacon on top of the rack.  Cook for 18 to 23 minutes.  Cool and eat.

I cook mine towards the high end of the time spectrum...because I like my bacon to be more on the crispy side, and I use the nicest, thick cut bacon from my butcher shop.  The other nice thing about this cooking method is that the grease drops down from the meat and collects in the pan.  I still like to drain mine on paper towels though.

Go ahead, give this a try.  You won't want to pan fry bacon ever again.

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  1. Umm you can never have enough bacon! Between this and the fritto pie I'm glad my husband is half a world away, you're just full of temptation :P

    1. Thanks for linking up Heather, I think I want brinner now!

  2. Yep, I've made bacon like this too!

    Bacon = Happiness


  3. First, I am so glad that you didn't go blind from bacon splatter. I wonder how that would be classified on your insurance claim :). Second, apparently this month is bacon month or something like that. Third, I've only just started hearing about cooking bacon in the stove...how is it that I've gone this long without knowing this brilliant piece of information...and fourth, I now have a taste for a BLT.

  4. You forgot the last step! Dipping it in chocolate.

  5. No flipping or anything? And no stinky kitchen!!

    LOL on the make extra tip. A very good tip, I might add. ;)

  6. I just made some bacon last week in the -dare I say- microwave. What a MESS!! It has been a conundrum around here trying to get bacon to cook with out all the mess. This is a great tip. So glad you still have your vision and your sense of humor, you make me laugh:)

  7. You are so smart Heather! I am giving this a try....as soon as I get some bacon! Now I just want a BLT! (Can you magic me up one?)


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