Monday, August 12, 2013

Mason Jar Paper-Pieced Quilt Block

If you haven't noticed, there's a mason jar craze going on right now.  People are decorating with them, cooking in them and well, I guess still canning in them.  I know I am.

Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon by making a paper-pieced mason jar.  This is actually my second and a half attempt at making this block.  I should have taken a picture of the first one, but I had a moment of seam ripping inspiration and so I just got to work.  When you're inspired to un-pick just gotta go with it, cause it doesn't happen very often.

The first attempt, was far too wonky.  The lid of the taller mason jar was not a pretty sight, so much so, I had to re-do it....which meant unpicking the entire block.  Even this attempt is still a bit off, but I am much more satisfied, so it gets to stay.

My half attempt had me using a pale yellow, solid fabric for the sash...ahem...can we say urine sample?  Yeah.  Not attractive.  That was undone with lightning speed.

I am going to embroider the above phrase using some floss, but first I had to write it on and make sure I liked how it looked and if it was centered....The Mister wanted me to embroider on something random, but modern as he put it...because I wanted to write...Beets...or...Raspberries.  I don't know, I like to take his advice into consideration because quite often he is correct, but in this case, I just felt like putting something weird on would just be confusing and not modern.

This pen is my new favorite quilting tool.  The ink disappears under friction or a hot iron.  So you can write on your sewing or quilting lines with a pen that writes quite smoothly...and then it just goes buh bye!  No rubbing off and making a huge mess like with chalk and no tell-tale signs of pencil lead.  So a worthwhile investment!

Want to know The Mister's suggestion?  Salty Tart.  Yeah.  I don't think so.  We were watching a show about bakeries and there's one that's named the Salty Tart, which for the record is the best name I've ever heard for a bakery.  But...not good for my mason jar quilt block.  Just saying.  So I finally settled on Fresh Picked.  It's not fruit or veg, but it's not completely random either.  More...modern, if you will.

Oh yeah, and the red thing up there, is a beet.  Not a strawberry.  Artistic license. 

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hi Heather,
    Oh, that's funny! Salty Tart!! Was he kidding?? Sounds like a stripper name to me. But wait, is that why he liked it? Lol.
    Have to make sure Mom and Sis know about this pen thing...sounds brilliant. And maybe, I'll sound kinda smart too...I can be like "so, have you tried the new quilting pen? so much better than chalk"
    Thanks for a great post :) Di{CookTheTV}

  2. Very cute, I can't believe you were in the mood for unpicking but it came out great!

    We have lots of bakeries with the word tart in them my cousin works at one called the flying tart but Salty tart..maybe not LOL

    I have about 5 of those pens, they are the best!!!

  3. YOU DID IT! And, I love it! I am so impressed. You have some serious quilting skills. I love the fresh picked.

  4. I love it Heather! LMBO about the urine sample!! The seam ripper is all too familiar to me when it comes to sewing.


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