Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shame Shame Double Shame...

...everybody knows your name.

Was it just me growing up, or were you told this little ditty when you were naughty too?  I have a confession...I've been naughty.  I think a picture might sum this up best...

Ohhhh, the shame!!!  Ohhhh, now everybody knows my name!!! 

If you don't know what that is lint buildup around my bobbin holder and the feed dogs.  I know to some that might be a foreign language....just know if this happens to your sewing machine, it makes sewing not happen.

This may or may not be the reason that I've been hating on walking feet lately.  I am going to have to perform an experiment to see if a clean sewing machine... cavity...not sure what else to call it...makes machine quilting any easier and if a filthy one makes it hard.  I may decide that machine quilting isn't my least favorite thing.  I'm not sure.  Experiment scheduled for some future date.

Back to my lamenting....Whatever will I do????

That's right.  Locate the manual that I had shoved on a shelf behind a giant pile of crafty stuff.

Take all kinds of names in vain until I found the kit that came with my sewing machine...about a hundred years ago when I got it for my birthday.  Thanks The Mister and my Mom who teamed up to get it for's been my favorite present ever!!  And realized that it came with a handy little screw driver to unscrew the cursed plate that I had been trying to unscrew with a regular screw driver...just a side note...I really hope that due to the amount of times I just wrote the word screw, that I don't get interesting google searches attributed to my blog like this post did.  Which I then had to address in this post.  Tricky.  I must think of a new word...un-wind.  Yeah...okay, that works.

That little pile of lint up there...yeah, that's what I got out.  It was filled clear up.  No room for anything to move properly.  No wonder my sewing machine was not doing what I wanted it to do.

So much better!  Clean as a whistle. Now if only I had some sewing machine oil, I could have it good as new.   Now somebody else gets the shame shame double shame, not me.

Moral of the careful of words you use while blogging...interesting things may happen and...clean out the accumulated lint from your sewing machine to keep everything working smoothly.

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  1. You are so cute! I had never heard that rhyme, but I promise not to tell on you!! If you were my neighbor, you could come borrow some sewing machine oil....lord knows I'm not using it!!

    1. I am so moving. I want my kids to grow up on a farm like crazy! is there a plot of land for sale in your neck of the woods.

  2. hahaha thats hilarious!!! My old machine looked very similar, but my new sparkly machine is still very clean lol. I also have oil to lend you - sorry so far away xxx

    1. That's I must go buy some oil...I think I am the only person who owns a sewing machine and doesn't have it.


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