Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Proudest??? Crafting Moment of My Life

And it has nothing to do with something I made. Scratch that, it has everything to do with something I made, and that would be my daughter.  I made her, after all.  She has wanted to learn to crochet for about a year now.  Last year at this time we tried and she was hopeless.  She didn't have the patience to learn to hold the yarn properly and couldn't conceive of what to do with the hook.  A year later and she is making chains like you've never seen a kid chain!  And what do you think she did with her handy work?

crochet rattail

I want you to try and imagine my utter joy paired with horror when my daughter came down the stairs, proud as a peacock and announced herself and her rat tail. 

Ladies and Gentlemen may I present MY RAT TAIL!!!!

I'm sorry, what did you say? 

Then she turned around, biggest grin of her life to show me her handy work, and Mama almost cried with joy.  That's right, she crocheted herself a rat tail!!!  Are you having a horrible flash back to 1988 and the nasty boys who had rat tails? Ahem, I'm looking right at you Mister.  And what do you know, I love it.

I never thought the day would come when I encouraged my daughter to bring the rat tail back into fashion, but I'm going to do it.  I think it's due for a resurgence.  We will make it what it was always meant to be, a girls' fashion statement, and a crafty one at that. My baby took a skill I taught her and made it her own.  She was as crafty as they come and made something she was thrilled with.  You might wonder why she even knows what a rat tail is. Well, I blame that on our little town's festivities. She went to the fishing booth and came back with a rubber rat tail as her prize.  We thought it was quite hilarious at the time, but it obviously made an impression on her.

So everybody, let's embrace the rat tail. Let's show those boys of the 80's how a rat tail really should be worn.  Crocheted.

Thanks for reading. And my oldest is now taking orders, so if you want your crocheted rat tails, just drop me an email. We'll work out the details.


  1. Way to go! No wonder you are so proud! You mean she doesn't have her own craft blog and etsy yet??!!

    1. You're right I definitely need to hook her up online...if only she could type!!!

  2. Tell her the rat tail is adorable! She's a doll. I will always remember learning to crochet with my grandma...yeah it was back in the 80's and some of the boys were sporting rat tails then. My grandma was so patient and I was so proud of the first "scarf" I made. What a fun accomplishment.

    1. Sherry, your crochet learning experience sounds a lot like mine. My Grandma taught me too! I think I made a chain 100 feet long! Unfortunately that's as far as I got. I had to teach myself everything else as they moved when I was still quite young.


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