Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our resident fairy...

Fidget Goblinshimmer is her name.  She is My Oldest's tooth fairy...thanks to the fact that she has now lost 8 teeth!!!  I am only going to briefly state here how much I am displeased with pulling my daughter's teeth.  She freaks out every time.  Even though, every time I get one out, she is amazed that it didn't hurt at all!!  Grumble.  How many more baby teeth can possibly be in her mouth?   So, I try to make the process of losing teeth...a bit better by making it fun. 

If your child is losing teeth or about to lose teeth, I would recommend giving their fairy a name.  There are many sites on the web where you can do this.   Just google it.  It's a fun personal touch.  My Oldest writes her fairy a question every time and leaves it on her nightstand....how old is she, what's her favorite food...and last night's what are you afraid of?  Fidget always leaves a reply.  She writes with her wand and so it is silvery and magical.

Fidget also leaves $4 for every tooth...but not just any $4...oh no, she only pays in gold dollars!!

The other nice thing about our tooth fairy, is she likes to have my daughter put her teeth in this special tooth pouch...and then under her pillow.  The tooth fairy does not like to have to fumble and fiddle under pillows with no hope of ever finding the tiny tooth that is left there.  Once she has retrieved the tooth, she then places the gold dollars back in the pouch and back under the pillow.  Easy Peasy.

Making a tooth pouch...is very simple.  I just take a bit of felt...and cut it.  Nothing terribly specific or particularly straight about it.  I just cut to what I think is a god size.  this was about...3 inches by 4 inches, I would say...give or take.

Then I fold the bottom half up, leaving a lip.

Then I fold the top lip down and pin in place.  I want to make this little pouch so that the tooth will have a harder time escaping, so that's why I'm enveloping it like this.

I chose to put a tooth on the pouch this time...we've already lost one of these pouches.  I wanted to make it homey and a little rough cut.  So...

Just cut a bit of white fabric until you've got what looks sorta like a tooth.  Make sure it fits on your pouch and use a bit of embroidery thread and tack it down. 

Again, I wanted it to be a bit homespun, so I didn't fold down edges and applique, I kept it rough.

Sew down both your sides at 1/4 inch.

I also sewed down the flap about 1/4" in from the edge as well...again to keep the tooth secure, but not so secure that the tooth fairy couldn't get things in and out.  I mean, it's so simple I didn't even back stitch.  It's perfect for it's purposes and only took me...5 minutes.  That's the kind of project this tooth fairy digs.

Thanks for reading...and make losing teeth fun...for you and the kidlettes.



  1. Your tooth fairy rocks. $4! My tooth fairy gives tiny toys, but does write a note. I had a fancier tooth pouch in mind... but that one is so easy!

  2. Yeah...she is a bit extravagent...you really need to make this pouch. It's simple...but effective.

  3. I've never seen Dollar coins with dudes on them? I only knew about Susan B's and Sacagawe's.

  4. You are an awesome mom!! Not only do you make a tooth fairy seem real, but you also make a cute little tooth pillow! You so rock!

    1. Aaawww...Danni, you make me feel so good. :)

  5. What fantastic ideas Heather - I love the little pillow - I have to admit to the fishing around under the pillow type of mom. I need to be more organised sigh....

    1. Nat, you totally need a pouch. I am going to make you one and send it. You need to email me your address ASAP...because I'm thinking Gabe's not too far behind us on the missing teeth count.

  6. I love that the tooth fairy has a name. I wonder if my older kids would be mad that their tooth fairy wasn't as cool if I started doing this for the younger ones? ;)
    p.s. Thanks for linking up to Point of View!

    1. Amy...good luck with that one. Thanks for reading!

  7. I love that modern day tooth fairies like pouches!! In my days of mothering she liked glasses of water - not easy at all in the dark!! lol :)


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