Thursday, May 10, 2012

Halloween in May

I've had this little beauty hanging up in my living room for a few weeks now, ever since I finished it.  I am really really happy with it.  I am so glad that I tore it apart and and remade it.  I am so happy I put white borders on instead of the boring grey.  I love the pops of corner color and I love love love the lace trim.  So, this, to me, is a success of epic proportions!  And worth all this hassle...

The string quilt blocks aren't as stellar as they once were, but the whole thing is just so much better proportioned now that it doesn't bother me in the least.

The back.  I couldn't resist putting a pieced strip across the back to further show off the adorability of the fabric.

My quilting shows up so good on the back!!  What do you think of the wonky spider webs?  Love!

Here's what it was.  So happy with the transformation.  Can I hang up Halloween gear now?  I mean, I won't go This far, but a little something something in the living room? 

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  1. Yes. Yes you can hang up Halloween gear now ;)

  2. Jen, I should have figured you'd let me decorate Halloween now. Thanks for the go ahead.

  3. The spidey webs are really fun on the back. Turned out good.

  4. Thanks Danna :-) I'm pretty happy with it.


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