Monday, May 7, 2012

Beginning Quilters...Please Stand Up

If you are a beginning quilter then I have the quilt for you..I may or may not be talking to you Beloved Sister.  It is easy enough that you won't stress yourself out making it, but it's visually complex enough that you will be immensely satisfied with your work of art...and make no mistakes, quilting is art.

It's a Snowball Quilt.  The best thing about this quilt is you only have to cut two dimensions of fabric. 
8" x 8" squares for the large blocks and 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" squares for the corner pieces.  And then you get to mix it up as you see fit.  This is just the beginnings of My Youngest's birthday quilt, I am alternating (what's in my head as) "solid" blocks and "white" blocks...just go with it...they're mostly solid and mostly white.  And then going slant-wise across the quilt are diagonal strips using the different corner blocks. 

It's least mostly. 

My Youngest Only Loves Pink.  I believe it.  So, in my motherly wisdom, I am giving in to her wishes.  A Pink...mostly... quilt.  Look, I need a little creative license.

I am making this quilt for two reasons.  1. It gets cold here in winter.  I think you need two quilts plus sheets on a bed for winter warmth and she has been using just a random quilt as her 2nd quilt.   2. I am making her this pink quilt because her first big girl bed quilt was a failure in my angel baby's opinion. Not mine, mind you, but it wasn't nearly pink enough to satisfy her.

See...shamefully not pink enough.  The Snowball quilt is going to, hopefully, be pink enough.

Let me present the most recent addition to the WTF Family.  What The Fabric?  Yes.  Pink and purple unicorns, castles and rainbows.  This is everything my daughter loves.  I should have just gone with this fabric for the entire quilt.  She would be in pure heaven.  Oh well, I'm not that nice.  Why is that all the WTF fabrics have occurred because of my children...I'm not going to say they have bad taste...I'm going to say that all wee ones have bad taste.  I have faith my Young will grow out it.  In the meantime...I quilt for them using questionable fabric.  But, I guess at least I still get to choose the fabric I use for their quilts.  Soon enough they're going to want to give more input on how the decorating of their rooms go...and do I really want to give them more of a say?  No.  So I indulge...a bit.

The other good thing about this pattern, besides it being an anti-pattern is that you can really work on getting your points to match up.  This is a skill that takes considerable practise.  You'll get it on this quilt, but not in a threatening way that will make you want to give up quilting forever! 

So, if you need an easy, yet beautiful quilt, go with this one.  It's a lot of fun to make and it goes quickly.  Which is really something to say for a quilt.

Next post I'll give you tips on how to make your Snowball quilt and the fantastic new item I got to use.  Yay!

Oh yeah, I am guest posting this week over at My World Made By Hand so check it out!

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  1. Listen..I get the Emerald and the sweet pyrex..and quilting just isn't for me.


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