Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's Coming up Spring Progress and then some.

I currently have 4 beasts in addition to 2 children and one husband in my house.  This makes for a lot of creatures that I have to take care of.  My Youngest is currently chasing two of the dogs around...yes 2 of them which means I have more than that...around the house insisting Lucius NOT eat Gingie.  I haven't been getting a terrible lot done over the last several days sewing-wise, but I feel like I have a lot in the works. 

I have decided that this year I want to finish my Christmas applique Wall hanging.  It's called Frolic and it's so cute with the pastels...but I sometimes have to convince myself that I like applique.  I have decided...almost half-way through that I'm going to change my method of applique.  Instead of Freezer Paper, finger-turn applique, I'm simplifying and going to use Fusible web and then just use a blanket stitch around the edge of each piece.  See, this way I may actually work on this quilt...and it might some day be complete.  This is a good chocie.  I may or may not re-do all blocks.  I'll have to see if I hate having the top half turn-under applique and the bottom half not...tricky.  But with the fusible web method I can place my pieces so much more accurately...much less guess work as I am using an applique sheet...which is this sort of magical sheet that you can put your applique pieces on, and actually iron them together so they look like you want on your fabric...then you lift your assembled portion off the magical sheet, put it on your background fabric and iron it again and it will still stick!  Magic.

What’s Coming Up Spring Progress
I have really enjoyed this project...probably more than I had anticipated.  I think it has turned out so cute and can't wait for it to be completely done as it will be hanging in my living room...hopefully before spring is actually over.  Probelm is..I ofcourse failed to read all the instructions before thinking I could bind it...and now I have to figure out a way to put on the sleeve and ribbon ties without it looking too horrible...I'll figure it out.  Never fear.

The pansies.  I am not purple's #1 fan.  I enjoy purple in clothes, I have red heads and purple is their color, but that's typically it.  I do not decorate with purple.  But I sure think these pansies are pretty.

The Crocus.  If I was going to do something different, I would choose a different yellow.  Against the beige gingham background, the lines of the yellow sort of make it blend together a bit.  I would go with a much more vibrant, rich shade of yellow.  But, I'm not redoing.  So, it's fine as is.

The Hostas.  I feel the polka dot green fabric stands out a bit too much, but I still enjoy it.  So again, no re-do.  It's just fine.

Next blog post I'll show you everything assembled.  Yay!

Granny Square Pic of the Day

I have really been neglecting my granny square blocks.  Luckily they are just fun for me.  I don't need to get them done in any kind of hurry.  They're just there if I feel the need to sew.  I don't have to commit to a large amount of fabric to be used, and there's minimal prep work and I can get a block done in 30 minutes or's the perfect on-going project.

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