Thursday, April 26, 2012

Like a Shakespearean Tragedy

Out, damned spot!

uhhh...Sorry.  I just went all, Lady Macbeth on you there.

It's not really as bad as all that...but it's still pretty bad.  Let me show you.

That's right.  Seedling murder.  Oh, I cannot bare to look at it.  La Chienne is a foul murderess.  She thinks anything in the back yard is hers to do with as she pleases...I do not agree with this assessment.  Let me just say I have had to repair more shoes than you can shake a stick at because La Chienne likes to eat Velcro off of things...that's it.  Just the Velcro.  And apparently seedlings.

See this little guy?  I am attempting a save.  I had 4 of them and planted them in the veg garden, but it's so early...I am nervous.  One didn't make it already.  Cross fingers for the other three.  Now I am going to have to pay attention to the weather each night and if it looks too chilly, take preventative measures.

On to happier news.

What’s Coming Up Summer Progress

I am going to show you something magic.  As you can see the peony has several components to it.  This might be difficult to get everything placed Just So.  Please let me introduce...

Found at Joann's in the quilting section.  It's a magic sheet that lets you take off the protective backing from your applique pieces arrange them as you like on top it and then iron them all together.  The thing is, the pieces stick to each other, but they don't stick to the pressing sheet.  Which then means you can remove the assembled and beautiful piece up and place it on your fabric and iron it to the fabric and the adhesive will still be there!  YAY!

See you put your image underneath as a guide.  And then position your pieces.

I also like to have a copy of the picture nearby for placement of the pieces where I cannot see the image.

Here's what I have done so far.  Two daisies, a peony and pea shoots or grass...or something.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Gingy is super naughty! Your poor seedlings. Perhaps it is time for a garden fence.

  2. I like Jullee's idea of a fence. New plants are so delicious to dogs. Let her eat grass. That pressing sheet is magic! I lurv it...


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