Thursday, March 29, 2012

While I'm on a Chia kick...

How about a recipe for Fruit Smoothie with Chia Seeds?

Look...the thing is, why not try and max out the nutrition if I can.  I feel that giving my girls a few hidden health foods in their diet is not a bad thing.  My Oldest would only eat meat if she could.  The girl needs some antioxidants and fiber stat!  My Youngest would only eat bread and butter and chocolate if she could.  Girl could use some of everything healthy.  Mama of course insists on them eating well-balanced much as possible...but everybody can use a health boost.

I realized that maybe not everybody has the confidence to just whip out a Chia Seed Smoothie on their own without a smidge of guidance.  And please, that is all this recipe is.  It is by no means exact.  If you feel your smoothie is too thick.  Add more liquid.  If you feel it is too runny...I would say just drink it.  But that's my personal opinion.  You could probably add more yogurt and more fruit if you wanted.  Plus, use whatever fruit you like.

Fruit Smoothie with Chia Seeds
2 C. fluid...I use a combo of about 1 C. O.J. and 1 C. Milk.  Unless I don't have O.J. then it's all milk
1.5 C. Yogurt.  Again, this is an approximation.  Use your yogurt that you've homemade if you got it.
12 oz. Frozen fruit.  I usually use a mix of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, mangos and sometimes I get wild and throw cranberries in.  If you only do a few and make sure it's sweet enough, you can't tell they're there.
1 banana...sometimes I use 2
1 Tbl. honey.  this is especially important if I use cranberries
2 Tbl. Chia seeds having soaked in about 1/2 C. Water  Make sure to give them a couple of minutes for them to develop their slime.  When you add them to smoothie mixture, add them water and all...I don't really think you could separate them least not without a seriously difficult time.

Pour all of this in a blender.  It is wise to put the fluids in first.  Blend til combined.  If you find it isn't mixing properly or just looks too darn thick, add more fluid.  Enjoy!

This is what the soaking Chia seeds look like.  Cool huh?  Don't be disturbed.  They are all that is good.

The final product...and what's the verdict girls...

If this one looks blotchy it's because she cries like her mother.  I made her talk to her sister politely.  You wouldn't believe the tears that one caused.  I think she needed a nap.

The verdict is...anything that gives these girls a mustache is number one in their books.

Thanks for reading everybody!  And this is possibly the last Chia Seed least for a bit.



  1. The mustache is super cute:) What sweet girls you have!

    1. Thanks! They both have to go look at themselves in the mirror when they get smoothie staches.


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