Monday, March 19, 2012

What's Coming Up Spring

My Mom got a wild hair and decided we should take a quilting class together.  The last quilt class I took with my Mom...just so you get a reference, was 10 years ago, I'm sure, and ended up with us attempting to make a terribly difficult project using the technique of reverse applique.  That little quilt sits unfinished...probably forever.  My tastes have changed considerably in 10 years and I no longer am a fan of the fabrics we chose.  That quilt pattern is still cute, maybe for my girls' rooms...but not for me.

So, fast forward to this weekend.  We think...we're pretty good, we know our stuff, we can handle just about anything...Well, this is all true, but at the same time, we are learning a lot!  We are taking a class from Jodie Warner called "What's Coming Up Spring.  It's totally cute and a fun idea.  She's made it small enough that you can hang it on a toilet paper stand and it will just tuck up someplace in your decor and be super cute.

I have had an entire weekend to work on this project mind's what I have done...

Yup.  That's it.  3 teeny little blocks.  I guess the tulips count as 4 blocks.  So that makes 6 teeny little blocks I've completed.  But, darn if you wouldn't believe how long it takes to make one.

The iris is a lot of fun...if you can see here, it has a 3-D detail.  So cute.  But, what a pain.  I couldn't quite figure out her instructions...mind you, I took her first class, but unfortunately this detail was kind of rushed through, but...

the leaves on this puppy caused me to earn several new gray hairs.  Thanks Jodie.  She uses a tricky technique, that's quite cool, but her instructions left much to be desired.  You use an already pieced block and have to line up the seam of that block onto the seam of the other block, but you're working with crazy angles and....let's just say The Mister had to help me figure out how to line it up.  I had to quickly explain the intricacies of Machine Paper Foundation Piecing so that he knew what we were working with.  Yay him.

The other difficult part is, we are using quite large chunks of fabric and in paper piecing it's hard to determine just where your fabric is going to line up.  I need to take another geometry class I think, but, all I'm going to say about this is...Pin your fabric people. It'll help save you a few gray hairs.  My Mother says she wasted 1/2 a yard on this piece.  Luckily I was forewarned by her and I took extra precautions.

The thing I love about quilting, is what I am going to make is completely different from what Jodie made based off of fabric choices.  Mine's gonna be cuter...hehe.  But it's just fun to see what everybody ends up with.  She also taught a nifty technique so that you don't waste a ton of fabric...see above where my mom wasted 1/2 yard....hi mom. 

Can't wait to show you what else we get done after our next class on Saturday!  Oh and I'm working on my Swoon quilt again.  Yay.  I will talk more about that another time.  Just know it's got mitered corners and they are awesome!

Granny Square Pic of the Day

Gratuitous I got a cute kid pic of the Day

My oldest officially rode her bike without training wheels!!!  Not very far..but she did it.  Oh, and that curb she's headed towards, she totally dominated it.  Went straight over it and didn't crash.  Yay her!

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  1. What pretty flowers! Love these squares for spring:)

    1. Thanks Victoria, this project has been a lot of fun. I'm going to do a post in a few days on the progress I've made since then. Thanks for reading!


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