Thursday, June 2, 2011


Do you ever look at a piece of fabric and just wonder...what was I thinking?  This happens to me far too often.  I like to buy fabric on sale just to have a bunch on hand for any impulse projects.  And sometimes what looks good under the magical store lights doesn't look so good in reality.  Or something I am sure I will use because it is so completely awesome, just sits there on my fabric shelf and collects dust.  So, this is my new series called WTF... what the fabric. 

The fabric I am going to showcase today though is not my fault.  It's my oldest's fault.  We were walking through a quilting store, perusing their clearance fabric when she came running up to me, a couple of bolts in hand, looked up with her big blue eyes and pleaded, Please Mummy, can I please have this lovely fabric?  Imagining her talking in a British accent allows you to see why this was so hard to resist.  A Mummy's got to do what a Mummy's got to do.  And besides, I want to foster a love of fabric and crafting so that my kids will raid my fabric stash and visit with me in my dotage...not unlike what I do with my own Mom.

Oh yes...Wizard of Oz fabric.  Mr. Because I Can introduced her to this movie and she has loved it ever since.  In fact, when we changed television providers, she was most distressed to know that our DVR no longer had this movie available for her to watch.
We are talking about panels here.  What am I going to do with panels?

And not just panels, then we have this with the characters skipping through the poppies...only they're at oddly placed if you cut it out on a straight line, on one side they're a couple inches lower than on the other side. 

And this second favorite of the bunch.  What's up with the upside down and sideways characters?  This does not work for me or for anything I might want to make with this fabric.  WTF!  I am not fussy cutting and it's distressing to have to chop off parts of the Tin Man to make other parts of the Cowardly Lion fit.
And finally we come to my favorite one of the bunch.  The hideous flying monkeys!  The lovely colors!  Oh and did you notice that awesome border between each of the panels?  I will not mention that when my sister saw this particular fabric, she said how sad it was that I would be cutting out this border...and she was serious!  The only redeeming quality about this particular fabric is that I do get to cut out the border and not have to include it in what I am making.


  1. Listen, that border screams classy cowboy to me. I am all about classy cowboy as you know.

  2. Maybe Jullee gets a lovely table runner of that border.
    You could do a "whack n stack" which you can pretty much do with ANY crazy fabric and looks cool. Us the crazy yellow as a back, no good cutting there. Then, make your darling daughter wear it on her bed for 6 months!

  3. Jullee, it is totally classy cowboy. Jen, I think you've got a great idea...I know what Jullee is getting for Christmas this year!


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