Monday, March 14, 2011

Pin-cushion Fun

If you are Thomas and you are my pin-cushion swap partner, please avert your eyes! 

I am showing off the goods here and now....I'll wait 10 seconds for you to scram....

...this is what I organized this weekend.  I am a notorious magazine and newspaper page ripper-outer.  Luckily I tossed probably 2/3 of this pile.  I only kept the very best for me to (hopefully) try at a later date.

Is Thomas still around?



Cute right?  There was basically no rules about what make.  It was just have fun and if your partner has any wishes, like me, no civil war reprints please, just make something awesome.
So I used Heather Bailey's square pin cushion tutorial as a jumping off point, but as my printer doesn't work, I had to figure it out on my own.  I made the top out of a cute little 4 patch using what I feel are complimentary fabrics, but at the same time an unexpected pairing.  And in the middle I added a little be-jeweled fanciness.

The white with brown polka dots around the edge is just fun! I used this fussy cut of a bird on the back because after checking out Thomas' blog, I saw he likes birds.

See ya!


  1. What did you make this for? You didn't really explain that part.

  2. It's a thing in the crafty blog world where you do swaps. You make something for somebody and somebody makes something for you. That way you get a fun surprise in the mail. I am making a pin cushion for Thomas and somebody is going to make a pin cushion for me. Just fun!


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