Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Endless Winter/Give them a chance to help

Where are the flowers you say?  Why, they're right there.  Can't you see them? Burried under inches of snow!  Forget my last post.  Winter is here to stay.  I will say though, the only good thing about snow in March is that it's sure to melt the same day it falls.  So, that does allow for a bit of hope to sneak it's way back in.

Now, on to what this post is really supposed to be about.  The snow was just an unfortunate detour.

I want to encourage parents to have their little ones help out with household chores more.  Both my girls love to help!  I can remember when my oldest was just about 2 and she colored all over my mom's floor with a crayon.  My first instinct was to clean it myself.  But, I handed her a damp towel and let her clean up her mess as best she could.  I have tried to do this with my kids.  If they make the mess, I want them to clean it up.  But more than that, I believe that starting at 2, they can help out with every day chores to a certain degree.

My youngest helps me unload the dishwasher every day and it is her job to put the silverware away.  I hurry and get all the sharp knives out before she gets to it, but this makes her feel like such a big girl and she feels that she has a done a good job.  She also likes to help with all the other dishes too.  Watching her precariously dig out glass bowls and plates just about gives me a panic attack, but still I let her.

Sometimes I put everything in the right spot...sometimes I just leave it like this.

Now for the big one...Laundry.  I hate doing laundry.  I can load the washer and dryer all the day long, but to fold and put it away is like torture for some reason.  But then, I realized my kids can help with laundry.  This was an epiphany!  Now, it works a little better with their clothes.  I just hand my oldest a pile of folded laundry and she knows where everything goes.  For my youngest, I hand her a couple things and tell her things like, "Top drawer", "Shirt drawer",  "Pants drawer".  And they pretty much make it into their respective spots.  They aren't necessarily folded anymore, but the upside is they are out of the laundry basket and put away.  I think I can handle a few wrinkles.

The kitchen linens on the other hand...well...at least they're in the drawer...right?

Because it was so chilly last night, I decided the only thing to be had for dinner was...chili  Yum.  I wanted to make cheddar jalapeno biscuits, but didn't have two important ingredients.  Luckily I was invited to my sister's house for lunch and she just happened to have sour cream out.  Hmmm...you don't happen to have jalapenos as well, do you?  Why yes she did.  A couple weeks ago I had bought her rolls for her supper and so this was a nice way to repay me since I'd forgotten about the debt.

Sour Cream a la baggy.


Yum.  The recipe I used is courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.  I loved it the first time I made these, I think I must have done something different this time as I didn't love it quite as much.  I think I might have needed more cheese and less flour.  They were a little dry.  But I think using sour cream is such an interesting ingredient. 


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