Thursday, June 7, 2018

Surviving summer

Kids, man.

Mine in particular need to be constantly doing something or they get the dreaded B word, which sends me into spasms.

Luckily this year I have a plan to keep them busy. This also means I stay busy keeping them busy, but it's better than hearing Mom, I'm bored.


Here's how we're handling summer:

Morning: Free time unless it's Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which means we're at water polo lessons.

10 am until about noon: French camp (my kids go to a dual immersion school, learning French). French camp consists of my children talking to each other in French and playing games. Sometimes we put on a movie in French, and sometimes it's solo games on the computer for my youngest who needs French camp the most.

Noon: Lunch

Afternoon and evening: Free time. This means: reading books from the library (they have to get a historical fiction, whatever looks good, a book in French, and a craft book of some sort). Fun to note, my baby got a book on how to make mosaics and my oldest got a book on how to draw anime-people.

There's also lots of playing in the misters on the trampoline or sprinkles. Hanging with friends. Watching TV. Computer games. Legos. Learning new card games. Learning how to shuffle cards. Arts and crafts. Sewing (they have free access to my scraps bucket). Swimming at the rec center. Playing at park. Roller skating. Scooting. Bike riding. Sidewalk Chalk. Water balloon fights. Learning how to comb hair via YouTube videos. Any fests in the area. And whatever chores I deem necessary!!

But the best thing we're doing this summer is each girl has to take a day to menu plan and cook. Unfortunately at this stage, this means I am still actively involved so it's not giving me a break, but it is giving them valuable knowledge and is fun for them.

Yesterday, there was learning how to dice an onion and green pepper. Gulp. No thumbs were lost in the process, but it sure sends my blood pressure soaring to watch that wobbly knife in close proximity to precious digits.

So far summer has been amazing. I've yet to hear the B word which makes me and the girls happy.

I might've thought it was funny when I asked my youngest to choose a soda for me from the free soda bin at the fest and she brought this. Snort. Pictures were required.

Good luck everyone!

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