Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A couple of girls and SCIENCE

Lately at the Hearth we've been working on the girls' science fair projects.

The completely voluntary science fair.

That's okay. I love that my girls love science, even if it's not mandatory science. One wants to be a vet, what pre-teen girl doesn't? And the other a chemist. Okay, the be fair, she wants to be a potion-maker. But I've informed her that's a chemist. And she's completely on board with it.

Luckily, The Mister is all about science. I help the girls with their English/History/Girl Scouts stuff. He's in charge of the science/math/tech/computer stuff. It's a nice balance. Aw, love.

The Great Egg Launch
Yeah, you read that right. My Youngest wanted to make an egg tosser. The boy in The Mister was giddy over this project. The nerd proceeded to make us research free body diagrams, force, gravity, and throwing arcs. I mean, what little kid has a free body diagram on her board? This kid.

egg tosser

No neighboring houses were targeted in the name of science. It was too cold.

I don't know what to call this one... Which chemical reaction makes a car go the furthest
My Oldest wanted to make chemical reactions. The boy in The Mister also loved this because explosions. He he he. She learned that by combining baking soda and vinegar you produce carbon dioxide and that Mentos and Diet Coke isn't actually a chemical reaction, it's a physical reaction called nucleation. I dunno. Science.

Ha ha. Our first attempt. The Mister in action, carefully placing the car down and RUNNING. We thought it would be a grand, fiery explosion. He made us stand 50 feet away and wear protective eye wear. Nothing happened.

Okay, this is what happened. The vinegar only reacted with the outer layer of baking soda, hardening the inner layer. Thus, a disappointing performance.

Several Mentos and Diet Coke experiments later, and the car finally moved. But we had to crush the Mentos and shake up the car, then put it down. So much for safety regulations.

Well, the good news is both kids and dad had fun. And girls and science gets another win.

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  1. What a great post Heather. Science is the best and how much fun for dad and daughters. That egg tosser is the perfect Halloween tool...just saying😙


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