Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All because I learned how to knit...Merry Christmas

Look, if I am taking the time to teach myself something new and crafty, you better believe I am going to show it the heck off to everybody I know.  And that means give it to everybody I know.  Merry Christmas, have some fingerless gloves.  Love, Heather

knit crochet fingerless gloves
What's that, Dad, you don't think you'll wear fingerless gloves?  Aw, give them a try.  You might like them.

I'm sorry dear, I didn't hear you correctly, did you say there's no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that you're going to wear a pair of fingerless gloves to work, that the fellas will MOCK you?  Don't worry about that, I made them all a pair as well.  Wish them a merry Christmas for me, will you?
 Girly, Brother?  You think these gloves are girly?  Haven't you heard the term metrosexual?

Thanks Grandma, I love you, too.  sniff sniff.  I'm glad you think the gloves will help with your arthritis.  Oh, and tell Grandpa not to wear his shoveling snow, they're not water proof.

Maybe they're not for everybody, I dunno.  But, I am making a bundle of them and love them more each time.  This may be because every time I make them I get just a teensy bit better at knitting.  The first few I made....let's just say they are a bit questionable.  That's why the teal ones are mine.

The thing I like about this pattern, is using the beige yarn for the main body of the gloves and the lighter gauge, gray yarn for the frilly top and for the bow, it gives it a sort of antique-y look that I really like.  And then I get to have fun with the cuffs.  Plus I love the combination of knit and crochet.  Knitting might never take the place of crochet for me, but I sure am glad to have the know-how.

This is the free pattern I used. Thanks, Creative Yarn.

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  1. They are definitely for every one. Now my cats, who are all around me because it's rainy today, want some!

  2. Wow! You did it! I am insanely jealous!

  3. I like the colors mixes too. My MIL was visiting the other day, sitting here knitting slippers for everyone, hahaha They were cute too. :)

  4. Those are adorable and, hey, who is that hand model? She's really got talent ;D

  5. Awww...these are cute! And I would totally make my Dad wear them.


  6. Hilarious! You are so funny.

    I'm super impressed with your fingerless gloves AND how many you've made.


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