Monday, August 25, 2014

Stupid Easy French Dips....and Let's party, cause it's my Birthday!

I had never made French Dip Sandwiches.  The husband really enjoys them and I quite like them, but the very idea of making roast beef and slicing it thin and then making the au jus?!?  Was beyond me.  I mean, what exactly is jus? Well, that all changed last week when I had a little birthday celebration with the family. And by little, I mean my whole crew was there.  Grandparents, siblings, nieces the whole works!  I had a lot of people to feed and this was the perfect thing to make.

Easy French Dip
These sandwiches were a hit!  Unless you ask my kids, and they don't count because they hate everything they've never had before.

What is this?

We're supposed to dip it in WHAT?!?!

I don't like melted cheese.

Where's the mustard?

Why is it French?

I hate onions.

Uggggh!  Children!  They really are tasty and I'm sure after I've forced these on my kids another couple of times, they'll come to like them also.  I think.

For everybody else who likes anything tasty, these are so good and so, so easy.  Also, if you shop at Costco, I bought everything there except for the soup mix.  These are perfect if you're cooking for a crowd or it's just another busy school night because prep work is almost nil.  I mean, even the cheese is pre-sliced!!!

French Dip Sandwiches  Courtesy of my...maybe 2nd cousin twice removed?  Annette
Servings: 6

1.25 lbs Deli Roast Beef
Sandwich Rolls
Provolone cheese, sliced
Caramelized onions
Lipton Beefy Onion soup mix

Simply throw the soup mix into a pot, add the required amount of water and bring to a simmer.  Toss in the roast beef and let it simmer until the rolls are toasted and meltsy.

Slice rolls in half, butter them.  Toast until gold brown.  Throw on a slice of provolone cheese and put back under broiler unto they are nice and gooey.

Top toasted roll with a couple slices of roast beef.

Optional: Caramelized onions.  These are so good, they really add something to the sandwiches.  Simply slice onions thin, cook in butter, a touch of olive oil and some salt and pepper to taste over med-low heat for about 20 minutes until they are golden and caramelized.

Dish the broth into individual bowls and commence the dipping and devouring.

Also, as it was my birthday, I got this.  Yup.  That's my favorite cake, also from Costco.  So chocolately.  So delicious.  This post is not sponsored by Costco...but dang it, it should be!

Well, this is what happens when you tell your eight year old she can take the birthday pictures.  hehe I'm not sure even one was in focus.  We have a tradition in my house where the kids have to use what we already have and either make me something or find something they think I really, really love and wrap it up so I can unwrap it. They did a great job this year.  I got a beard hat.  Some paper to make telescopes out of.  Pin Cushion.  A game invented by my daughter using Easter eggs, some random toy and a bead.  And a thimble.

Sure love these kids!
Thanks for reading!



  1. Aww that's cute, happy birthday. The sandwiches sound delish, sadly my kids suffer from the I hate everything too, until I make them try it.

  2. Happy Birthday, Heather!!! This looks like such an easy recipe. Pinning, cause I love easy! It is so nice the way you encourage your girls to get creative with gift giving. That hat beard is the best!! And your daughter is quite the picture taker. I think she capturedthe ideal moments!!

  3. Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Heather, Happy Birthday to You!! I love your birthday gift rule for your kids! That is awesome. It definitely brings out their creativity! I make the kids help me for the day instead of gifts. Your beef dip looks sooooooooo good and so does that cake. Hope you had a special day Heather!

  4. Happy Birthday Heather! What fun pictures.

    Your French dip recipe sounds delicious and, win. Those girls of yours are funny and sweet. Glad you made some happy memories.

  5. Looks like a great day and a great recipe! I have to say...I love the pic of you in the beard hat! LOL! Pin Cushion...sounds like a fun altrnative to voodoo dolls!!!

  6. happy birthday! The sandwich sounds delicious (it's also lunch time right now...), and I know too well the complaining...

  7. Happy birthday! Maybe you should tell your daughter those sandwiches are eaten by French princesses?

  8. Happy birthday again!! My favorite line of the post: "Uggggh! Children! They really are tasty..."

    And yes, that chocolate Costco cake is a family fave. I belong to Sam's club, but Costco is way better. When my Sam's membership runs out in Nov, I'm making the switch. It won't be as convenient, but they have way cooler stuff. :)


  9. My hubby likes French dips, I should try this for him. I wonder why I haven't? Your family tradition is cool Happy birthday to you. :)


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