Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Update

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer or winter, hi Mel hi Nat..  This is what the Hearth has been up to for the last month or so...

We 6th Birthday'd.

 Read this.  And babysat that, a bunch.  Squish.

Sister Road Tripped!  Baby brother graduated from UCLA...include a parent or two and leave the husbands home with the babies!!!  PARTY!!!

Went to any fest there was.

 Ate this.  Twice.  It's maybe the only kale I have ever enjoyed.

 IKEA'd and got this.

Built it with this.  And yes, it is a machete...with a magnet attached.  Don't worry, I didn't go crazy with blood lust and slash The Mister's achilles.

 Tried red palm oil for cooking.  It worked fine, a touch spendy though.  We'll see.

7 AM Swim Team'd four days a week.  Mama's tired.

Salsa Garden'd.  If you don't know what a salsa garden is, well, it's a garden where all you grow are tomatoes and peppers.  To be honest, I'm not growing it to make salsa, I just eat more tomatoes and peppers than anything else.

Rasberry'd.  The rule in my house is, whoever spots the ripe raspberry first, gets to eat it.  This unfortunately also includes chickens and dogs.

4th of July'd in Park City.  Tried to get a good pre-fireworks photo.  Ummmmm....could she BE any wigglier?  Or decide to eat a Gummy Bear mid-shoot.  sigh.

Luckily the Older one was easier to photograph...AFTER I made her laugh because she was too busy worrying about how loud the fireworks were going to be.

Hopefully you're having an equally fun and adventurous summer yourselves!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Looks like a perfect summer so far....except for that early swim team thing! LOL! I'm curious about the IKEA thing.

  2. Awww...I love to see the whole fam damily! Except I didn't see the chickens or the dog... They must be busy with the raspberries....

  3. Yes, fun, fun, fun! 7 am is awfulllly early for summer, though!
    I want a salsa garden. Mainly just so I can tell people I have a salsa garden;)

  4. sounds like a perfect summer...minus the early am with the swim team? :)

  5. The girls are getting so big, and I've tried that kale salad, too...not bad I'd say. From UCLA to Ikea shelf to machete, I'd say that's an adventurous summer so far, indeed. Can wait to see what you have to come for the rest of the season ;)

  6. You definitely have been one busy bee. I actually bought a pot with a salsa garden in it and the hubby made salsa with it. Was delicious. I can't believe your raspberries are ripe already. Mine are at least two, maybe three weeks away. Of course spending time with the kids is the most important, and by the looks of all the great photos, you've got that one covered. If we were neighbors, I could take the girls to swimming as I am usually up at 5. You could do the night stuff as I turn into a pumpkin pretty early! Another reason we should be neighbors! Keep up all the summering and have a great one Heather!

  7. Your post is chock full of fun things. :) And big congrats to your brother!

  8. Oh my. You've been busy enjoying summer. How wonderful. I love that even the chickens and dogs are involved with ripe raspberry spotting :)


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