Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Girl Ninja Turtle Party Week!!! Turtle cupcakes!

My Youngest has a love for the Ninja Turtles.  So a Ninja Turtle party is in order.  Enter me....not a party planner, but an enthusiastic attempter.  Ready for the fail of the party?  I am just starting this week of birthday fun off with the most epic fail when it comes to kids birthday cakes.  In fact, I think I might have to enter my own self on that website devoted to cake fails.

Oh crap.  Blood gushing from the mouth turtle...I suppose I could say this turtle was just engaged in a vicious battle to save planet Earth...but, maybe not exactly the motif my darling daughter was thinking for her cupcakes.

The "writing" frosting I purchased...let's say, was a bit runny.  The pre-made eyes, though...totally worth buying (even though they weren't delicious).  I had other ideas in mind when I was thinking about how to make the eyes...they involved white chocolate apeels and black writing frosting.  Now we know how well the writing frosting works, glad my eyes weren't dependent on it. 


That one became The Mister's cupcake and all others had no mouths.

Blue turtles for the boys and pink for the girls.  I also had a vision on how to make their masks with this sanding sugar...it didn't exactly go as planned, but I still liked how they turned out. 

Devoured with gusto.

My daughter loved her cupcakes and I felt pretty good about how they turned out.

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  1. Well at least she loved them and that's all that matters!. Apart from the bleeding turtle I didn't think you did a bad job at all.

    1. I still love your ninjas even if they are a little "different", thanks for linking :)

  2. I LOVE the bloody turtle!! :)


  3. Bloody ninja turtles! Hilarious! Looks like this kids didn't care whether they had mouths or not! Enthusiastic attempter...you crack me up!

  4. They look great without mouths! And I love their eye masks - awesome !!!!


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