Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Frito Pies....Because sometimes that's how we do things over here.

Now look, I know this isn't exactly what some people would call a recipe.  But, I when I told people this is what I was having for dinner tonight, several of them had no idea what I was talking about...granted two of them are from the Southern Hemisphere....but I can't let this go on another moment!  Frito Pie time!

This is a fun and unique meal to try sometime.  As long as your children are up for fun and unique meals to eat.  Mine...if it isn't something they've eaten before in their lives, they are highly skeptical and reluctant to try it.   But, I got these bags of Fritos from a church social last weekend (they were what were left of the variety pack), and have been holding onto them for the perfect time to make my kids expand their culinary horizons...if you can call it that.

 There are only three ingredients in it...which makes it a winner in my book.

And very little work involved.  Here goes....

Frito Pies

Shred some cheese.
Open individual packets of Fritos, one for every person who is eating that night.
Heat can of chili.   You could be much more gourmet than I was and actually make chili, which would be much tastier than the canned variety.

Pour chili into bag of Fritos, top with cheese and proceed to eat Frito Pie out of bag with a spoon.  You can also top these with a myriad of ingredients.  Anything you'd put on chili would be great!

Here are my children eating their very first Frito Pie.

This is how our conversation went.

My Oldest:  I'd rather drink my smoothie.
Me:  Eat your Frito Pie first.
My Youngest: Are you sure this is actual food?
Me: Yes, now eat!  
My Oldest:  Tastes alright, I guess I can eat this.
My Youngest: Do I really have to have a bite?
Me: Yes, you'll like it, it's got chips and cheese, you like cheese!
My Youngest:  heavy sigh.  Oh, Alright.
Silence...Thinking about the daunting task ahead of her of eating something...different....
 chew, chew, chew, chew...swallow.
My Youngest: How many more bites do I have to have?
Me: heavy sigh.  Two more bites.
My Youngest:  Okay, two more bites.

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  1. Just showed this post o Jules, he says ong yum yes make that :)

  2. Oh kids!!!! That looks so awesome Heather - I need to make this too!!!

  3. I love recipe posts that are more than just recipes. This is hilarious. I love the 'are you sure this is real food' comment. I've heard of fritos with chili but I've never had fritos with chili. Looks good :)

  4. We LOVE Frito Pie! This a great camping food too, Heather! Love the pics of the girls trying it out!

  5. I haven't had breakfast yet, but I'd eat your frito pies RIGHT NOW!!! Thank you, this is going directly to my 5 Ingredients or Less Pinterest board. With summer in full swing, this is a great stove top meal (that I can actually handle cooking) Thanks, Heather for keeping the less skilled cooks in mind. ~ Amy

  6. Around Here In Missouri, We Call Them Walking Taco!!!. But We Use Nacho Dorito Chips Instead Of Corn Chips. We Cut Open The Bag From The Side, It Makes It Bigger. We Add Lettice,Tomato,Sour Cream,Four Kind Of Cheese, And Salsa.


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