Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The enemy of my my friend

Ancient Chinese wisdom there.  I'd never seen it in action until...

Yeah.  These two just watch the chickies for hours on end.  They oftentimes sit right next to each other...watching...waiting.


You mean...mine.  Scruffy mongrel.

Puss is so moody.

Our cute little coop.  So far the chickens hate the ramp and want to bed down at night in a corner on the ground.  Right.  So, this means every night, I get to crawl in as best I can, grab however many of them I can and remind them that their nesting box is where sleeping happens.  They're all pretty well behaved...except for Starlight who is too wily to be caught.  She gets to make her own way up once the others are safe and sound.

Can't wait for the chicks to get a bit bigger so they can defend themselves against the rabble. 

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  1. Oh so cute Heather, I love your chicks and dog...not a huge cat fan so puss automatically is in the wrong ;)

  2. Danger! Puss is okay..except for the time she gave me a scrape and bite attack as I walked past to feed her. Puss trending comes with its hazards. I'm thinking that when I chicken tend I can't be held responsible for carnage.

  3. It like dinner and a show without the dinner! This is just so cute!

  4. OMG you have a schnauzer too? I want to see more pictures because I love love love them! My schnauzer is my bestest little buddy and I just love him to pieces...!! (My can loves him too, but he's not that crazy about her...)

  5. That's funny that the cat and dog watch them, lol. I bet the chicks don't think it's funny though. ;)

  6. How lovely of you to purchase such lively entertainment for your cat and dog!! Tell them they better leave Starlite alone....she'll kick their you-know-what!

  7. What a funny post...especially the visual of you catching your chicks to tuck them in at night :)


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