Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Perfect Fabric for my action packed daughter

My Oldest is high energy and all imagination.  She loves playing like she's a creature, typically a different one every day.  Yesterday she was a dolphin.  She's been a porcupine, narwhal, mountain goat.  She also loves to be Princess Leia, an astronaut and ninja. 

Okay.  Put this kid next her daddy while watching Pirates of the Caribbean...and you got it, now she wants to be a pirate and she told me she wants to marry a pirate...ummmmm...righty then.  I can just see her now, at 25, fulfilling all her dreams. We've continued to encourage her to do whatever she wants, that as a girl she can do anything and is just as good...okay, better than the boys.  She's at University to become an astrophysicist/Veterinarian while taking night classes to master tae kwon do...but, the opportunity to marry a pirate has just never materialized.  What's a girl to do?    Maybe she'll out grow the whole...want to marry a pirate thing...but keep going towards the astrophysicist thing.

Luckily I found this fabric.  If she can't marry a pirate, at least she gets to have a pirate quilt on her bed.  Girl pirates.  Much cooler than boy pirates.  This is Out To Sea by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller.  I am in love with this fabric.  I want a quilt made from it for myself.

She loves maps and globes!  There's narwhals!!!  Mermaids!!  And ships!!

I am so excited to turn this into something amazing for her...and from the picture at the top, I think she's pretty excited herself!

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  1. OMGUSH .. love them all .. YOU knew your friend who loves all things SEA would be a fan.. Just beautiful .. LOVE IT GIRL ..

  2. Can't wait to see how this one turns out. It is great fabric and you do such a good job putting things together :)

  3. Ha! ha! I can just see you being mother-in-law to a pirate! Arghhhhh! or is it Yo-ho! Of course...if he looks like Johnny Depp.....well...bonus!! What will you make out of this cute fabric?

  4. Love this fabric!!! Can't wait to see!!!


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