Monday, February 20, 2012

Please meet Mini Mr. Because I Can

Before we get down to business...I have a little story to tell.  At my loving husband's work, he doesn't often see his co-workers in person as they are all over the place, so to put an image to his name and voice, they took a picture of Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance, and transposed his head with Mr. Because I Can's head.  So, that's what he looks like to his distant co-workers.

A few months or so ago, he mentioned to me how funny it would be if I were to make him an amigurumi of this image so he could take it to work...I forgot about it...until about a week before his birthday and a week before we were to go on vacation....PANIC!  I knew that I had to make my husband a dolly for his birthday and had to get busy FAST!

I present...Mr. Because I Can's mini me...

Isn't he a dapper lad?

After scouring the web for images of Michael Flatley, I discovered that many a time he is sans shirt.  Of course I had to make my hubby's ami sans shirt as well!!  Nipples were always in the plan.  They're quite light, so look hard...I didn't want to make them vulgar, after all.    You should have seem me cutting felt circles to the smallest degree possible.

Adding the eyebrows was fun as well.  My beloved has the craziest eyebrows, they can grow to lengths untold if I don't rein them in with the pluckers on a regular of course mini him had to have some wild, untamed brows.

Then came the chest hairs thanks to an inspired idea from my dear buddy.  I have to warn people not to run their fingers through his chest hair...else they'll rip them out.  They're not exactly secure.

And then the belt. Mr. Because I Can mentioned the crazy big belt that his work image of course I had to make a big belt and bedazzle it with sequins.  There are star sequins going around the belt strap.  Love me some bedazzling...Ummm...sister of mine, again that's Be-dazzling, not Va-jazzling.  Just to be clear...she gets confused sometimes.

The back of his mini-vest needed something as well.  So it is also bedazzled.  I kind of envision if we ever go to another Neil Diamond concert that I will have to make him this...human-sized and have him wear it.  It would be my greatest wish fulfilled. 

Thanks for reading!!  Long live Lord of the Dance!!

Granny Square Pic of the Day

This one is pretty much true love!  Love the color combo! 



  1. That looks exactly how Mr. Because I can looks in a vest and giant belt. It is uncanny ;)

    Thanks for the vajazzle reminder.

  2. Heather, the mini me is awesome! I want one!!!


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