Monday, May 23, 2011

Productive Weekend

I do enjoy a productive weekend.  Because in crafting, this means that my family mostly stayed home and I was able to do stuff and it was relaxed and lovely, and the kids were good and my loving Husband, Mr. Because I Can took the kids to the aquarium for a Daddy Daughter Date and Mommy got to stay home and attach the binding to her quilt that she had cut and sewn the night before!   There was bbqing and I was informed that any time I bring home steak, not only will Mr. Because I Can cook the dinner, he will also do dishes...I am thinking that steak is going to be my #1 go-to dinner item from now on!  Not to mention that my oldest who is a meatasaurus would love it too.  My Youngest who is a carbasaurus will have to be force-fed, but I think I can manage.   The gutters were cleaned (not by me).  I wupped my Sister at  California Speed (after much gloating and bragging from her that she beat her husband and he only had 4 cards to play, there was much rejoicing on my end after she got smoked!)  So good times.

I will start with the BBQ.  This is what I had and my Youngest had.  It's a portabello burger.  Yum!  With Jarlsberg cheese, spicy mayo grilled onion on a toasty grilled bun.  It was marinated in some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spicy mustard Very tasty!  I did have a bite of steak too to be honest.  It was slightly difficult though with My Oldest consuming every morsel she could lay her hands on.

This is the raw asparagus salad we had as a side dish, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.  It was tasty, but Mr. Because I Can said he only liked the bites that had plenty of pine nuts in it.  It also had pecorino cheese, lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper.  I thought it was good, and fun, but maybe not my favorite salad of all time either.

This is me attaching my binding to a Queen-Size quilt...yeah, that's a major under-taking.  I had a massive pile of quilt all over the's quite tricky to maneuver.

400 inches of binding all for me...yes please.    - Puss

Hi-yaaaa!  Mine.      -Puss

Chicken Pin Cushion.  For my Mom's B-day.  I used some of my precious gooseberry fabric.  It's a family thing.

And lots of yellow on the other side.  Yellow and Orange are her favorite colors!

And the Grand finale!  My Chubby Stars quilt.  Thanks TraceyJay for the lovely pattern for the Chubby Stars.  I improvised the rest after I used 6 of my original Chubby Stars to make my delicious niece a baby blanket.  I pretty much love it.  More to come on this quilt tomorrow.


  1. I'm sure I injured my wrist and that's the only reason you beat me at CA speed. I think a re-match is in order.

  2. Oh injured wrist...sure...and how many times did you beat your sweetie just earlier that day? hmmm..I don't recall hearing anything about this injury then.

  3. I LOVE the chicken! Is that star blanket on your bed?

  4. Thanks Jen I'm loving on the chicken too! I've only had the pattern for years. finally gotten around to making it. The quilt is on my bed.


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