Friday, February 25, 2011

Inch by inch

Here is my hand quilting progress.  I have half of one row done.  Not so much because I have to keep hollering at the kids to stop smushing each others heads!!!  It's just one of those days.  I chose to quilt with a dark purple thread.  I was worried about the large amounts of white and wanted to really showcase the quilting.  We'll see how I like it in the end.

Don't mind my pedicure from Puerto's in a pretty sorry state.  I think I just need to plan another vacation so I have an excuse to get another one!  Although in the immortal words of Missy Elliott, "Get your nails done/ Get a pedicure/ Get your hair did"  I think I might need to put that into action more.  I can't even remember the last time I got a hair cut.  That's the blessing and the curse of long hair.  Throw it into a pony tail and you don't even know it's looking sorry.  I think I need to take time for myself a little bit more.  A little more pampering would definitely do me good!

Being good and not smushing heads for a minute.

But in the meantime, I am off for sushi dinner for my hubby's Birthday.  38.  Yikes!  The big 4-0 is looming and don't he know it.



  1. Heather you are so talented. And I can't believe we married the same age of man. (because I got married so much earlier than you, I would have thought different). I love your quilt wall hanging, I need to learn how to do all this. So So So So So talented!

  2. I married an old man didn't I? :-) Although people never suspect he's as old as he is. We were talking to a staff member on our cruise about our final bill a couple of months ago, and she said that she had to look up in their system how old he was, because she couldn't believe it. You definitely should take up quilting. It's my favorite bad habit.


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