Monday, December 11, 2017

$200 a week. Week 3 and rocking it. Plus, a taste of nearly two years' work

Here it is, week 3, and I'm not in hysterics regarding the grocery budget. Before this experiment, I'd break into hives any time I considered nourishing my family for less than whatever I bloody wanted to spend. Now, I feel great. I rarely go over $160, and that's even with the holiday season upon us. Yay.

And, we're trying not to spend our $50 a week fun money. So far, so good.

Plus, I have yet to stick to a really strict dining plan. I want to cook what I want to cook, dang it. Don't pen me in.

betrayal and yearning
Total cost so far this week: $143.00
What I bought: Milk x 2, half and half, dog food, cottage cheese, pepper jack cheese, tortillas, two packets enchilada sauce (I was buying Hatch enchilada sauce, but love Frontera. Give it a try, I think you'll really love it. I go Christmas, every time), celery, bananas, 3 body washes, 24 cans sparkling waters, 4-2 liters, rotisserie chicken, large tub pesto, 2 onions, molasses, anise extract, 2 cans sweetened condensed milk, cream cheese, 160 gallon freezer zipper bags, sandwich bags, Caesar salad bagged mix, yogurt, a ham

Still need to buy: bulk steel cut oats (didn't want to go to 3 stores yesterday), more yogurt as my oldest needed a lunch today so I gave her my yogurt starter, maybe some potatoes, cookie ingredients for the party on Friday, as well as an appetizer.

What I have from previous weeks: one frozen raw chicken, carrots, lemons, 2 onions, 3 packets ground turkey, ready-to-to taco meat, dried beans, cheddar cheese, frozen cauliflowers, coffee, eggs, bacon, spaghetti stuff, lentils, rice, misc. frozen meat, lots of spices and seasonings, frozen chicken carcas, LOTS of cold cereal, peanut butter, salsa (but getting low), sour cream, honey, bread, 1/4 bag of flour, sugar, instant yeast, a few sparkling waters and 2 liters.

What I'm planning to make this week: Well, since I shop on Sunday, we always have a Costco rotisserie chicken for dinner and then use the left-overs for Monday's meal. Today I'm making enchiladas using the left-over chicken, my tortillas, my sweet, sweet, enchilada sauce, a pile of cheese, the cream cheese, and I'm going to Instant Pot some of my dried kidney beans. In light of the disaster that was my garbanzo bean incident, I think I'll soak them before hand, despite not being happy about it. Then starting tomorrow I'll make the ham. We'll eat ham. More ham. And then if there's ham left over, The Mister will take it for his lunches or we'll freeze it if we're completely over it. After we eat all that ham, I'll make ham and bean soup. Yum.

How we're feeling over all: I'm tolerating the Costco coffee. I miss shrimp and salmon. Love overnight Instant Pot-ing the oats for breakfast. My kids miss cold cereal. The Mister misses canned soda. I also miss impulse buys that tasted so good. But, I am loving the savings. So, despite making a few sacrifices, I think it's going well.

If you don't know what Christmas enchiladas mean, check out my Instagram.

And, in honor of a successful test-reading, here's the first paragraphs from Betrayal and Yearning. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Present Day 
Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

             In the hush of the forest Jessica clutched her map. She tucked a wayward lock of hair back into her ponytail and blew out a breath. The coordinates showed she was in the right place.
            “Where is it?” she murmured. After all the convincing it had taken for her boss to sanction the field research—actually using her geo-physics degree—Jessica needed to find the proof she’d promised. If she didn’t, god knew what assignment they’d give her next. Training new recruits to log mud samples, most likely. But something had happened here, the evidence from the satellite imaging was clear.
            The shadows deepened as she scrambled up a grassy dell all while her mother’s warnings drummed in her brain. Rapists and thugs lurk in dark corners, and, don’t go out in the woods alone! Her jaw tightened, and she tried shrugging off the feeling of unease skittering down her spine. Besides, she’d never heard of any crimes committed here befo—

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  1. You’re doing very well, started our budget for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what we would eat if I tried your $3 a pound meat. Until brain fart I wasn’t converting pound to kilogram made more sense. Went to the butcher and bought two meat packs with a mixture of beef cuts chicken lamb and pork. Worked out to about $40 a week not bad for 6 people (Samuel moved out sniff). I decided to do a monthly shop with $1000 budget got the essentials and have $300 left to top up milk, fruit and bread. We will see what happen. I did have to buy lots of pantry essentials because everything was run down prior to the move. Good on you heather you’re really doing well. Our fun money situation isn’t much fun lol I’m sure I’ll get used to it I always blamed Jules for spending too much discovered that instead might have been my online shopping habits haha.


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