Wednesday, November 29, 2017

200 a week. Sad face.

I know I'm being a bourgeois baby, but $200 a week for groceries is hard. I love going to the grocery store whenever the whim strikes and making whatever the hell I want for dinner. So, as I only have $34 of my $200 budget left for this week, I'm not going to waste it. I will find something to make using what I have. I will. I have things. They're just not easy.

So, if you're like me and asking, How can I reduce the amount I spend on groceries when I have no bleeding idea how to do it? Then join me for my experiment in frugality. I'll start next week by letting you know what I buy and what I'm making for meals each day. Hopefully it involves a lot of leftovers.

We are giving ourselves $50 to spend on eating out each week.. If I save money by say, making homemade pizzas, yay us. More funds for something else.

What am I giving up? Ease. Convenience. Everything I love. So wish me luck.

So, option one for tonight: Tacos. Except, I don't have tortillas or lettuce. But going in the taco dinner's favor is, I have ground beef, beans, salsa, and my sister has a giant tub of masa (which I'm hoping she'll let me use so I can make homemade tortillas).

Optiong two: Dal using a pre-made simmer sauce of unknown age, rice, and homemade naan (I will obviously have to make the naan and don't have the several hours to let the dough rise).

Both with steamed broccoli for the side. Sigh.

Tacos it is.

The good news is I found the jar of tahini I bought a while back and never used. Yay. Now the chickpea, tahini and feta salad I want to make won't use as much of next week's grocery money.

If you want to follow me on $200 a week for groceries, let me know, we can be sad friends and share ideas.

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