Friday, January 2, 2015

The New Addition...

No, I am not pregnant.  Thanks for asking, though.  My Oldest had a special request for the man in red, a sewing machine.  He agreed that it was a fine idea to let her learn to sew on a fairly inexpensive model and lo and behold we had to make room for it.  Where should it go?  In my sewing room, of course. This way we can get our craft on together.

The perfect spot, on my mom's old sewing machine cabinet with the old sewing machine half falling out of the bottom.  Erm....gotta get on that before somebody bashes their knee off.

She's pretty proud to have her own spot in the sewing room.  I'm crossing my fingers nobody sews a finger.

As I was making a spot for her, I had to organize and put away all the gear I had stored on the old sewing cabinet (there was a mighty pile of...stuff). Decided to hang some pretties up on the wall.  I love to get everything clean and tidied in the new year.  Makes me feel like we're going in the right direction.

My inspiration wall.  Full of projects, pictures, half-baked finished ideas and who knows what else.

The finishing touch...My baby found her big sis a chair to sit on.  Not sure how comfy she'll be, but love the sentiment.

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  1. Sewing together! You're going to make awesome memories! Can you mention your daughter I love pillow cases?

  2. Oh how fun for the two of you! I see many more quilts coming out of that sewing roomI really need to get on the stick and at least try threading mine!

  3. How exciting Heather!!! With mom as her teacher, I can just imagine what that girl will do! How nice you can do it together. Here's to a great New Year!

  4. How precious!! The fact that she even wants to learn to sew is proof that her mom "the sewer" has made the atmosphere of sewing in the Hearth a very fun experience. Looking forward to what you girls come up with this year!!

  5. How sweet that you'll be working together in the sewing room. Jamie's your husband? hahahahhaha The kilt sign made me laugh.

  6. Yay sewing machine for your daughter!! I never did squat with a sewing machine until MY daughter decided SHE wanted to make a quilt. Then I thought, "Hey, I can do that!" Yep, my (at-the-time) 15-year-old inspired the heck out of me. I love the pink. :)


  7. Look at that! Your little lady is well on her way to creating something lovely and inspiring. You never know, she might one day run a blogging empire and it will all have started in this corner!

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