Thursday, November 6, 2014

Love her...

My daughters are swimmers.  This is a good thing.  They enjoy it, have fun and are pretty darn good at it.  I really can't say anything bad about this being their activity of choice, except....the chlorine.  It wreaks havoc on their skin and hair.

I am still looking for the perfect solution to keeping their hair from drying out, but I have their skin under control thanks to one pretty amazing lady, Karen from The Feral Turtle.  She's what I aspire to be.  I would call her a Wizard of All Natural, do it your way and kicking ass and taking names.  Is that something?  It is now!

She knew I was having a hard time with the girls' skin and after I had....cough, cough, attempted to make my own all natural moisturizer and failed with astounding awesomeness, she quickly sent me a care package filled to the brim with everything I needed, and more.

hemp oil lotion
For their skin, she sent us hemp oil lotion.  You cannot even fathom how thick and creamy and wonderful it is.  Trust me, I am a skeptic when it comes to home-made soaps and lotions, I mean, how can it possibly be better than what you can buy at the stores, right?  No, this is better.  You put this lotion on and it sinks into your skin leaving it moisturized and so healthy and not greasy!!
My girls skin is so soft and remember, I've got a couple red heads with the skin that comes with, can you say sensitive?  This lotion has been a miracle and has not irritated them one bit.

Karen also included this foot lotion, and I don't know how she knew, but both my girls are obsessed with having smooth feet.  They enjoy rolling it up and putting it on each night before bed. Karen's products are so professionally made and packaged, everything was shrink wrapped and did I mention the foot lotion is in a roll-up container?  I didn't even know you could buy those!!!

She even included something for me (shhh, I'm not going to admit to sneaking my daughter's lotion every once in a while), it's solid bubble bath.  This was so fun, it pretty much looks like a delicious treat and smells so good, but the best part, after I had my bath using this, my skin felt softer than it has in a long time!

This lady makes her own soaps, wines and builds anything and everything she wants by herself!   I mean, if I want something made I have to ask the husband because I'm sure I'd do some serious damage to myself and my surroundings.

Alright, alright, enough gushing on and on about how cool Karen is.  But trust me, maybe give her an email and see if she'll sell you some of her amazing products.  But then again, maybe don't because I want to keep her all to myself.

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  1. Karen is da bomb!!!! You got some enviable stuff there, my chickadee. Glad your girls are smooooooth little feets!!!


  2. Karen is awesome! Last year she sent me some wonderful blueberry soaps, lotions and jams and I was sad when I finished them all! She sure knows her stuff! (Kind of like you know your cooking and sewing stuff!)

  3. Karen rocks! Glad the girls have something to help, I remember having a green scalp all summer as a kid because of chlorine....I'm not sure that's totally healthy but whatever. :)

  4. Now I am blushing over here.....gash darn gee! Glad you liked it girlfriend! You are far too kind!

  5. Wow! I love Karen... Do you think I should mention to her that I have nearly no skin left on my hands every winter ;)

  6. Karen is so talented from soaps to saws, she does it up good. I'm thinking Christmas gift ideas for friends and family (and gifts for myself, lol.)


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