Thursday, July 17, 2014

UCLA and something manly

My brother graduated from UCLA about a month ago...part of the reason I've been extremely negligent in posting this summer.  We had a wonderful trip and are extremely proud as he's the first member of my immediate family to graduate from college.  The Mister is right behind him though, and by this time next year we will be rocking his graduation!   I'll let you in on our California adventures in a bit, but for today, it's all about my bro's graduation present.

paper piece motorcyle
If you can't tell, he really likes motorcycles.

He had just crashed his bike, totaled it, actually, when I decided to make him a little something to show him how much I love him.  Of course it's a pillowcase.  I love making pillowcases more than anything because they get your (my) need to sew and create out of the system without needing to dedicate months and months to working on a project.

I designed a paper-piece pattern because I wanted to.  I probably could have appliqued this fairly lickity-split, but paper-piece is so much more bad-A.  If you've ever tried to create a paper-piece pattern, it's darn hard!  Totally bad-A.

Started sewing things together.  Well, to be fair it was a bit of sewing, and quite a lot of un-picking and then sewing some more, and then shifting a line here and there and then more un-picking....

motorcycle quilt
But then I had it finished and maybe, just maybe, squealed with delight.  I'm a squealer, what can I say?

I had fun deciding on what fabrics to use.  It's for a dude, remember.  Sewing for guys is much more difficult than sewing for girls.  I think the color scheme I used is excessively manly.  The grays and blues and mustaches.  Yup, very manly.  

Course I made the sweet pillow pocket at the top to keep his pillow nice and clean.

paper piece motorcycle quilt
Happy day, Bro.  Happy day.

That's him, the tall one just about to walk onto the stage on the right.  Super proud.

Myself and my sibs.  

Thanks for reading and yippee to my baby brother.



  1. You rock Heather, congrats to the bro, I bet he loved his pillow. Btw I can not paper piece can't even imagine creating one so go you :)

  2. Squeal!! This is so unique and most definitely manly. Congrats to your brother. I'll bet he cherishes this for like EVER!!

  3. You are a freakin FABRIC ARTIST! I still get comments on my turtle pillow!! A great pic of you, your brother and sister, and definitely a proud moment for you all! He will definitely display his pillow with great pride! That is such a thoughtful gift Heather!!

  4. OMG, Please teach me how to paper piece quilt!!! I don't want to do anything as ambitious as designing my own (yet) but I have an awesome angel pattern and NO idea what to do with it! I swear I'm an idiot when it comes to reading ANY kind of pattern. Me dumb. Please send help.

    Love your mustachioed pillow. :P


  5. He's got both of his sisters giving him a thumbs up. That's cool. :) I like the pillow case, but I'm sorry to hear he totaled his bike. I'm glad he's ok!!

    Also, I have to say that I'm glad I'm not the only one who picks and re-sews!

  6. Congrats to your brother! I noticed in the previous post you and your sister have the same smile. I had no idea uilting could be so manly, well done!

  7. Congrats to your brother! You all look so happy! Heather, I'm always in awe of the cute sewing projects you dream up!

  8. Oh my goodness. That is INCREDIBLE. Why aren't you selling your patterns? You are the queen of paper piecing.

    And, a big congratulations to your brother!

  9. I am so impressed! It turned out great, but definitely looks like a lot of work, especially for the motorcycle part

  10. Aww, I love the graduation photo! And the graduation present! You are a very good sister. I'm so glad your brother is okay after wrecking his bike. You rock girl!!

  11. What a great pillow ! And a huge congratulations to your brother - what an accomplishment !


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