Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What happens when you lose 3 yards of Fabric?

Blame your kids.



Think perhaps you only imagined you bought said fabric and are really losing it.

Mass chaos.


Resignation that you will either not be able to use the fabric you lovingly chose in your current project, or buy it again and have to WAIT for it to be delivered.  Uggghhh!

And finally...


There is no before picture of what this room looked like as a mess, because I was crazed.  But it was a mess.  I had remnants of My Oldest's girl pirate quilt everywhere.  I had bits and pieces of several things I am currently working on strewn on every surface.  A good percentage of my fabric was not organized by color as I had just shoved it in one of the cubbies after I used it to get it out of the way.

As I searched for the missing fabric, I sorted through every piece of fabric I OWN.   Then I threw the fabric back on the shelf.  Then after everything, I went back and looked at each piece of fabric individually.  Just in case the fabric I was looking for had snuck in between the layers and was playing hide and seek.  I then refolded and arranged everything by color.

I rummaged through my yarn and put it away.  Neatly.  Because of course I would have put my pretty new fabric in the yarn pile.

I looked through all my WIPS and then placed them into individual baskets so I could first, get them out of the way as I knew the fabric wasn't in them after they were scoured, but secondly now I can know exactly what  I am working on at all times and have all the fabric easily sorted by project.

I threw all my notions everywhere and then carefully looked at each one, making sure there was no fabric.  Then put them away.

I looked through my patterns and books.  I stacked my bat and fluff all tidy and neat.  I raged to the ceiling, Oh cruel fate!

Any pile that was in my sewing room (and there were plenty), was torn through with the will of a madwoman.  Any secret corner was scoured.  Bedrooms were searched, closets torn through like a hurricane.

You see that garbage bag up there, it's all my scrap fabric that I deemed too small or ugly to be useful.  I went through every last scrap!  And discarded it like trash.   And I love to keep fabric. My kids play with it.  I use it when I applique.  It's very handy to have around....except when you are in a tizzy looking for fabric you just had in your hands just a day or two before.  I knew if I was going to find my fabric, I had to be ruthless.

After everything had been cleaned and tossed and folded and rearranged.  I gave up hope.  I figured I must have thrown it away.  Three yards of fabric, preposterous.   But they were nowhere to be found.

Until that night.  I was helping The Mister pack for a business trip and there in the closet, where I store birthday presents to be sneaky, was the damn fabric.  Sitting proud as you please on top of The Mister's birthday delivery from Amazon  from earlier that week.  Face smack.

Want to see the source of my trauma....

That's right.  Ponies.

The fabric I was really looking for is the coral on the left.  For this...

I am making a giant hexi quilt and needed it for half of my center hexagons.  Kick, Kick, Punch.  Deep breath.  Ommmmmmm.... I do like how my giant hexi quilt is coming along, so I will just be happy I now have the tidiest and most organized of sewing rooms.  And, The Mister says he now knows what to do when he feels my sewing room is too messy. He's just going to hide some of my fabric.

Thanks for reading!!



  1. Dear, dear Heather. You had me laughing hysterically by the time you found your beautiful fabric. Reading your post out loud to my 10 year old niece who had no idea why it was so funny. I guess one can only truly understand the comedy/tragedy when one has been through very, very similar "lost, losing it" rants. You left out the part about feeling like your mother. Or was that just me? Haha!
    Of course you found it....why would you throw away your beautiful fabric? Heehee.
    PS. We don't need a before picture, most of us are currently living with the before;-)

  2. oh wow! I have to say...I know the feeling...

  3. hahaha, we have to recycle cans here and I hate lugging them to the store, so I procrastinate..unless company is coming over, then I trudge to the store to do it. Hubby said he's going to start pretending someone's coming to visit so I'll return them more. ;) Why, I oughta' ... :) Glad you found your fabric. :)

  4. I was cracking up, Heather! I have so been there, frantically searching for some craft supply I know I have. But look at how organized you are now! Now you'll be super productive, right?! Of course, now the whole blog world knows your secret hiding place;)

  5. LOL My biggest pet peeve is knowing I have something and not knowing where it is. Now you will know where everything is. Way to go!!!! I have organizational envy.

  6. Oh Heather. That is so funny only because I've had that exact same thing happen to me. I live in crafting chaos that this happens all too often. I hope your craft area stays organized for a few weeks at least :)

    Loving the hexi quilt. I want one!

  7. bahahaha, I have done that so many times and yes I've screamed and blamed everyone for taking it LOL oh well at least your organised for now. BTW remember the hexi I started last year...still in progress I plan on finishing it around 2020

  8. The most frustrating, cotton pickin' kind of situation it is when you misplace something and then start second guessing youself. Of course the organizing binge makes it all worth while because you know darn well, it will show up!!! I'm so glad you finally found it. The mister is going to have to be pretty tricky if he tries hiding something, does he realize who he'll be dealing with? Oh, so funny, Heather, and you can't blame for at least considering it. Your hexagon quilt looks awesome! The pony fabric is adorable and yay!! You have an organized craft room!

  9. I have been there more times than I can count! And I completely freak out too. Crying, swearing like a sailor, tearing the place apart.

    I swear I was having heart palpitations as I read this post. I'm so relieved the ponies found their way back to the barn!!!



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