Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Cesspool Known as my Back Yard

Poor chickens.

It doesn't matter how many piles of wood chips we put in their run, it's a muddy disaster.

So aren't these lovely ladies glad for a dry day.  Free of snow!  Free of rain!

So they can kick up some dirt and have a nice little dust bath.  I've seen every single one out getting her bathing beauty on.  So sorry backyard landscaping.  You were nice while you lasted.

Excuse me woman, but do you mind?  A little privacy would be nice.

Speaking of birds...this is the shot out of my bathroom window yesterday many robin redbreasts can you count?  This wasn't even all, it was just all I could get in the frame.  And they were hanging out in every tree I could see.

Wait for it...


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  1. Say it again, would ya??? "Spring is coming," "Spring is coming," "Spring is coming!" :)

  2. I count eight!! I'm so jealous that you can see earth. Alls I see when I look out is snow in the ground. The little miss chickies look like their enjoying the warmer weather ;)

  3. Our snow is finally melting too and I might like a dust bath myself. Anything besides sheet rock dust! Fun post Heather and thanks for the morning smile!

  4. How lucky to have robins! We probably won't see any here until May. A sure sign of spring. I bet your chickens are loving the warmth and you probably are too! Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Promise? I desperately need to believe spring is coming. What great pictures. You started my day out with a smile.

  6. Bah Humbug. It's snowing like a freaking mofo here.


  7. Oh happy almost spring, hope it comes soon. Love the chickens and the obits we don't have them here.


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