Friday, February 21, 2014


Seeds are here!!!  Can't wait to get them planted and growing and producing delicious, vine ripened goodness.  Tricky though, considering I now have a backyard full of chickens, I am going to have to figure out a way to keep the chickies out of my garden so my tomatoes can grow to their full potential!

Want to get a closer look at what's going in the garden this year?

Hericot Verts.  You should have seen me on my honeymoon asking the waiter on the cruise what a Hair-i-cott Vert was.  It's green bean in French.  But, not just any old green been, they're longer and thinner and crisper.  Yum!  Wanna know how to pronounce it?  Air-ee-ko-vair.  Getting all French on you there.

Tomatoes!!!  Two out of the four are my old standbys.  They're just so good.  I always plant Green Zebras and Black Cherry tomatoes.  My kids are voracious tomato nibblers and will just go outside and pick every tomato they can get their mitts on and devour them on sight, so I only plant smallish and cherry tomatoes.  They do this at my sister's house too.  She has wandered out, seen that her tomatoes were all gone and wondered what vicious tomato eating critter invaded her yard and ate all her tomatoes.   Ummm...that would be my children.

Peppers!  Poblano and Padron's.  I am thinking I might have to attempt homemade Chile Rellenos this year.  Tomatoes, peppers and herbs are my MUST HAVES every year.  They are what I grow the best and use the most.

Speaking of must haves, here are my herbs for this year.  I am branching out and trying a bunch of wild things like, catnip and lemon balm and sorrel!  I had to plant sorrel because Milly from 7 brides for 7 brothers says it makes "real nourishin' soup".  A lot of these are for the chickens and bees!  I'm going to have fun with them too, though.

Getting really wild and planting  brussels sprouts!!!  Hope they grow.

Oh yeah, I have one more that gets planted every year.  Beets.  Golden and red.  I love eating the beats and their greens!

I typically buy my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I find their prices are really good and I know I am getting heirloom varieties, which I like.  Just because I feel a little old timey and special using seeds that I think my forebears may have used.  They also give you a sweet gift packet of seeds.  I am not sure if every order gets this or only if you order like, 30 packets of seeds like I did.

Can't wait to fire up my grow system downstairs in my sewing room!!

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  1. The seed packages are so pretty. You should do a craft with them, while you are waiting for your delicious garden to grow :)

  2. I would love to see your grow system all fired up. I have been thinking of building one in our basement for a few years now. Perhaps it would inspire me (light a fire under my butt) Don't you just love spring? I should get my seeds ordered too. I grew sorrel one year and if I remember correctly it was kind of like a lemon lettuce as it was slightly tart, but I could be mixed up. Happy planting! I'll be watching in envy while dancing with my shovel :(

  3. Those are the prettiest packets of seeds. They would make an interesting craft project, of course after you get your seeds astarted! I love all the varieties you have. Can't wait to see how they start blooming, and how crafty you'll have to be to keep the chickens' attention diverted.

  4. I have NEVER had luck growing anything from seed! Help, please!!! I tried them inside (starting in March or so) and they start off great, but then they always die!

    Help, please!

    Did I mention, help, please???


  5. I was excited to plant sunflower seeds this year...until hubby just told me he thinks they're the ugliest flower ever made. Really??? You think you know a man... :/

  6. Heather!!!! You know I live less than an hour from Baker Creek!! They have a really cool place and a village you can visit and everything! Come visit me and we'll go there!! (Their heirloom pumpkins are fabulous!)

  7. I love heirlooms they are the best. Our garden did not fare well during the terrible heat wave we had in Jan but the tomatoes are doing ok and the pumpkins have gone wild!

  8. wow! that looks like a great garden to me. The last couple of years I stuck with tomatoes :) ...we seem to eat A LOT of it during the summer.


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