Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inspiration Cafe

Everyone, I have an announcement.  Nooo...I am not preggers.  Big sigh of relief. 

I have been asked to join a sweet bunch of crafty and talented bloggers for a weekly inspiration session.  Once a week I am going to give you a special post from...
But, what exactly is it, you are asking yourself?  Well, I've got a handy new page at the top of my blog for you to click on to read all about it.  It introduces the ladies and their blogs to you and kind of lets you know what we're all into.  So, instead of just getting my completely awesome and inspired are going to get completely awesome and inspired posts from 6 groovy gals.

So, our first session of Inspiration Cafe begins next week.  Get ready for some good stuff.

Thanks for reading!


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